The Witcher 3 wins 5 Golden Joystick awards inc Ultimate Game of the Year

The Witcher 3 : Wild Hunt has picked up an amazing five Golden Joystick awards, the awards are given out by GamesRadar and this will be the 33rd one that has taken place. 

The game picked up awards for all the five categories that they were nominated for

  • Best Storytelling
  • Best Visual Design
  • Best Gaming Moment
  • Studio of the Year
  • Ultimate Game of the Year

Previous winners of the Ultimate game of the year include Dark Souls II (2014) Grand Theft Auto (2013) and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim (2012)


We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who voted for us and for your ongoing support!

CD Projekt Red took to Facebook thanking their fans for voting but it’s definitely not hard to see why the game picked up so many awards. We recently interviewed the team behind the game where they discussed why Gwent will never get a standalone game, how future DLC will be set in an entirely different realm and more, which you can check out here. 

You can currently get the Witcher 3 Trilogy on sale on Steam for 45% off 

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  • jacksjus

    I loved TW3 but Bloodborne had less than half of the technical issues at launch. I just can’t overlook tech issues anymore. Reward those that release a game that works minus any game breaking bugs.

    Both great games that are so close, but the elephant in the room is framerate and glitches.

    • David Cox

      I agree that games shouldn’t be broken but you can’t compare huge open world games to smaller more on the rail games. Skyrim, GTA, Witcher 3, fallout, etc have huge maps that can’t be completely bug free, cd project did a great job acknowledging and fixing issues.
      Also I played on pc so no frame rate problems and only hit 1 glitch that was fixed 2 days later.

      • jacksjus

        That is all completely irrelevant to me because I don’t game on PCs.

        With that out of the way as I said I liked them both but there were issues that mattered to me.