The Fall

The Fall lands on July 14th for PS4 and Xbox One

Over The Moon Games have announced a release date for The Fall on PS4 and Xbox One. The Fall will be available through the Playstation and Xbox One Stores from July the 14th.

In The Fall, players adopt the role of ARID, an A.I on board a futuristic combat suit, whose human pilot has been injured and hangs almost lifeless inside. ARID must take control of the suit and find medical help, but her rigid rules and protocols soon become her own worst enemy.  The Fall is the first game from the Vancouver based studio, and represents the first in a series of attempts to explore the frontier of narrative design in gaming.

Lead developer and founder of OTM John Warner had this to say,

“At Over The Moon, we have a lot of fun playing with ideas and wanted The Fall to communicate some really good ones. Great films communicate ideas using a series of visual tools, but what can we do with the added interactivity in games?   The Fall is our first answer to that question. Our goal is to create challenges that cause the player to think in specific ways to overcome them. For example, players of The Fall are given challenges that require them to find loopholes in the rules that they’re given. The story then opens a discussion on our relationship to rules and how we sometimes struggle to hang on to them, despite obvious flaws.”

The Fall has garnered some critical acclaim, including a Game of the Year award for Best Story From Giant Bomb and a 93% positive user rating on Steam.

“The Fall is ready for the PS4 and Xbox One, and we can’t wait to see the response from players, Because of our goals, we thought we should celebrate the launch by adding a developer commentary. We had a lot of goals for The Fall, but still have so much to learn. The best way we can make the next game amazing is to tell players what we were going for, so that they can tell us whether or not we hit our goals.”

The Fall
The Fall arrives on the PS4 and Xbox One this July the 14th and will be available for $9.99 or your regions equivalent.

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