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The Blacksea Odyssey hits halfway point of Kickstarter goal, already Greenlit on STEAM

The Blacksea Odyssey Kickstarter campaign has reached the halfway point of it’s $10,000 funding goal with 17 days still to go, while also being Greenlit within the first week of launching the campaign. The game is being developed for a PC, Xbox One and PlayStation release.

Here is what we know about The Blacksea Odyssey;

Once a decade, the greatest huntsmen in the universe gather to compete in a legendary tournament known as the Blacksea Odyssey. Armed with only a spear and a harpoon, hunters must battle against creatures of colossal size and unimaginable terror. Using wit and skill, the huntsmen must identify the weaknesses of their foes in order to exploit them or die trying.

Steeped in blood, ancient treasures, runic technologies, and a madness that wills them to enter deeper into the black abyss, these huntsman compete for a chance to claim the ultimate glory of facing a creature of such magnanimous size and insatiable ferocity that its wingspan has been said to stretch across galaxies while it’s breath consumes black holes; the Titan of the Stars! But does such a great huntsman exist?



  • Rogue-like elements such as permadeath and procedurally generated levels
  • Massive boss battles against creatures over five times the size of the screen
  • An expansive customization system which allows for over a million rune-infused spear builds
  • Dynamic combat which revolves around fully destructible environments
  • A harpoon mechanic which enables the player to rip the creatures apart piece by piece

Alpha Demo Content [DOWNLOAD]

  • 10+ enemies to hunt in the Blacksea
  • 75+ items and runes to customize the spear and ship
  • Two Elderfish bosses as large as the screen
  • A Kingfish super boss over five times the size of the screen

Head over to the Blacksea Odyssey Kickstarter page now to find out more and show support.


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