Star Wars Battlefront Survival Missions Revealed at E3

Last night during the Sony E3 press conference, DICE revealed Star Wars Battlefront Survival Missions. Packed with action, depth and replayability,Star Wars Battlefront Missions are a great way to get right into the action by yourself offline, with a friend via online co-op, or via split-screen. In addition to Survival Missions, Star Wars Battlefront will also deliver Trial, Battle and Hero Battle Missions.

Epic multiplayer battles or a quick fix? When jumping into Star Wars Battlefront, you might be in the mood for a different experience each time you play. We’d like to tell you about a Star Wars Battlefront Mission full of both immediate action and addictive depth: Survival.

Survival is one of several Mission types in Star Wars Battlefront. As a rebel soldier, your task is to stay alive against increasingly difficult waves of Imperial forces. There are 15 waves in total and in each wave, players will face off against Storm troopers, AT-STs, and anything in between.

If you want to clear all 15 waves the Force must surely be with you – along with your wits and weapons. Learn to recognise and adapt to the different kinds of enemies. Dodge the long-distance fire of the Scout troopers and keep your eyes open to spot incoming TIE Fighters and the optical camouflage-wearing Shadow troopers. Lose the lives you start out with and you’re out.

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