Space RPG Horror game Dispatcher hits Early Access

Civil Savges debut game, Dispatcher has entered Early Access on Steam after a successful Greenlight Campaign, Dispatcher is a new first-person cooperative RPG-horror for the PC, with gameplay based on cooperative actions. Dispatcher takes place in the near future on a spaceship of the same name. The crew suffer an accident and are trapped with alien monsters. 

“Humanity found a way into the depths of the space. First brave hearts set off to grasp the unknown. It found them first. Dreams of pathfinders crashed against the cold flesh of the space. Now and on only one thing matters: what are you capable of to survive?”





Features include;

  • – Scary mixture of survival horror and atmosphere of classic space science fiction of 60-80’s;
  • – Stealth-based gameplay with RPG elements;
  • – System of characters’ customization and sets of perks that unlock according to the amount of gained experience;
  • – 5 character classes, each of which has its own strengths and weaknesses;
  • – 4 unique kinds of unpredictable monsters;
  • – Partial random generation of levels;
  • – Exciting plot that hides many secrets;
  • – Hardcore mode for the most daring players;
  • – Beautiful graphic that can fully immerse you into the atmosphere of fear and terror;
  • – Also chicks in skinny clothes, blood, screams and other possibility.


Dispatcher is currently available through Steam for £6.99, or your regions equivalent.

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