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Space Dust Racers supports 16 players

Space Dust Studios Pty Ltd has won Best Technology at Freeplay 2015 for its use of smartphones as controllers in its upcoming party combat racer “Space Dust Racers” for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

“The unique controller tech allows up to 16 players in one room. “Our wifi controller technology allows smartphones and laptops to be used as extra gamepads, and also allows physical gamepads to be daisy-chained to these devices via USB,” says Glen Stuart, Lead Technology Developer at Space Dust Studios. “This solution works around hardware controller limitations, allowing up to 16 local players. The biggest constraint is the size of your living room!”

The game is currently in development for Xbox One, PS4 and PC for 2016. 


  • Use smartphones and laptops as extra controllers for up to 16 players in one room
  • Vehicular combat racing for all ages featuring gorgeous 3D cartoon characters
  • Battle friends on the couch, compete online, or adventure alone
  • Customisable party game modes with dozens of modifiers
  • Exotic extraterrestrial locations featuring absurd weapon powerups
  • Simple controls for newcomers, with advanced strategies for veterans
  • Round-based combat ensures quick respawns and allows drop-in drop-out play

A Trailer was also released today. Let’s be honest though, who ever has 16 people round? 

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