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Running A Group Build In Minecraft

As one of the most popular and recognisable games of the past few years, Minecraft has provided a rich and engrossing experience to millions of players around the world since 2009. As the game continues to grow and develop, players are being offered various new creative and exciting options when it comes to playing and exploring their worlds.

One of the main draws of the game is the cooperative mode, where multiple players can work together to build their world together. This has had some pretty amazing results, with some jaw-dropping projects being completed in the last couple of years. The amount of coordinated work involved is incredible, but how do you go about setting up this kind of project?

Minecraft Builds

Get a Private Server

The first thing you’ll need is a private server that only you and the other group members can access. This will allow you all to work on the project together without interference from other players and it will help keep your world secure.

Servers can be picked up for a pretty low monthly fee, and most decent companies will set them up for you along with any mods you might want installed. Apex Minecraft Hosting are one of the leading providers and can get you started for a few dollars a month, with scope to increase the specs of the server as your team and your project grows.

What Will You Build?

It sounds obvious, but you need to know what you’re planning to build before you start. Are you looking to replicate a famous building or city? Perhaps it could be the set of a TV show or an area from another game? Getting a quick plan together before everyone starts will make life much easier when the building begins.

You’ll also need to determine who is responsible for what. Some people split the area up and you all work on your own sections. Others just work on what they feel like. Both approaches have their merits, just figure out what works best for the group.

Minecraft Build

Organise Jobs

Ideally you’ll have a manger for the project, usually the more experienced player with the most time available to contribute to the project. They can help coordinate the other players and make sure everyone’s on the right track. They’ll be able to provide constructive advice to other players and help the project develop as planned.

You’ll also need builders, which will be the majority of players in the game. They will be largely working on their own piece of the project and providing feedback to those who are helping organise the build.


There are various ways of keeping in touch and communicating throughout the project. There’s the in-game chat, which is useful for passing on instructions or ideas while everyone is playing. Some prefer to use Skype or email to have a record that’s easier to search through. Ideally you’re looking for a combination of all 3 – in game chat for quick things, Skype for discussing ideas and email for sending out finalised instructions and jobs.

Managing a project in Minecraft can seem daunting, but it’s usually a lot more straightforward than it sounds. Most players will work autonomously on their own part of the project, so it usually ends up being a lot of fun! Try starting with something small and straightforward to begin with, and if it all goes well you can look to go bigger like these guys did.

The main thing to remember is to enjoy the experience. Minecraft is a fun and addictive game, which is both simple and incredibly deep. Just enjoy the process and build something cool!

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