[Rumour] Sony To Officially Announce PS4 Neo In New York Next Month

A report from French video games site Game Blog has suggested that Sony will officially announce its PS4 Neo this September, but not at Tokyo Games Show.

A quick Google translation of the article in question reads “While all indications pointed to an announcement of the PS4 NEO at the Tokyo Game Show in September , our sources tell us that the announcement should ultimately be made Wednesday, September 7 in New York!.”

While most expected an announcement to be made by Sony during its presentation at the Tokyo Game Show, the latest report suggests that Sony will infact announce its mid-generation console upgrade (PS4.5) in New York on September 7th. The PS4 was first announced in New York back in February of 2013, so it would make sense to repeat the same process again this time around with Neo.

Game Blog has a history of making announcements that would go on to become true, with Resident Evil 7‘s E3 announcement one of their more recent articles.

A recent Gamestop leak indicated that Neo and Project Scorpio would share the same release window.

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