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Rock Zombie coming to the Xbox One on December 4th

Quaternion Studio and EnjoyUp Games have announced today that Rock Zombie will be released on Friday 4th December 2015 on the Xbox One. Rock Zombie is centred around a female rock band who, while playing a concert are overrun by a horde of vicious Zombies. The game is already out on the Wii-U and STEAM and will launch on the Xbox One at the beginning of December. 

Rock Zombie

Rock Zombie will feature 20 levels packed with addictive action where players will fight off an array of enemies while also being able to ride motorbikes, drive cars and much more. The terrifying story is told through 300 comic strips, which are inserted between the action sections of the game. There are three different characters for players to choose from with Zoe, Sasha and Crystal all playable throughout. With a wide range of weapons, costumes and concept art plus loads of unlockable collectible material at the Zombie Museum topped off with an original soundtrack that combines Hard Rock, Nu Metal and Alternative Rock that intends to immerse players in a really dark and rainy urban atmosphere.

Rock Zombie

Rock Zombie rises from the grave on December 4th for the Xbox One.

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