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massive bomb dead rising 3


Ridiculous Weapons In Games

Looks can be deceiving and things that appear to be harmless can be extremely deadly and destructive. A lot of games these days take themselves less seriously than others which have led to a lot of ridiculous, unique weapons that just scream fun and carnage. Below I will list a few I have had a lot of fun using.

1. Massive Bomb – Dead Rising 3 

The first time I threw this I was blown away literally. Stood up in wonder as the Bomb had annihilated every Zombie in the surrounding area as well as my clothes leaving me suspiciously in a pair of boxer shorts (these must be extra special boxers that are massive bomb proof)  I had no idea what to expect when I was going through all the weapon blueprints in the game. An array of destructive joy, ranging from a giant Teddy Bear with two machine guns attached to it to a doll that blows up. Massive Bomb won for me due to its massive destruction and the five minutes I spent laughing when I stood up with no clothes on. I immediately went back and made another one of those bad boys.

2. Quacker Grenades – Crackdown 2 

quacker grenades crackdown 2

There is a city absolutely packed full of hideous mutated freaks. They pour out of every orifice as soon as the sun goes down. Terrified civilians run for their lives because after so many days of Freaks appearing at night they haven’t learned to go home a little earlier than bang on sunset. The city needs a hero. A hero with the ultimate weapon. Duck Grenades. Cute little yellow rubber ducks of doom. Sticking to its prey, anyone in the vicinity will be left with a ringing quacking sound in their ears before they are swiftly and cutely, blown to bits. quack quack quack.  Safe to say I look back fondly at my time spent with these loveable yet explosive quacking friends.

I managed to source a video of the fun but please note it is not mine. 


3 . Mr Toots – Red Faction Armageddon 

mr toots
It really doesn’t get more ridiculous than this. A farting rainbow Pony that shoots lasers out of its ass and destroys enemies in a puff of rainbows and Butterflies. By the look on his face I’m guessing its not as enjoyable for him as it is for you. Mr Toots can be unlocked in your game once you have finished the story. Highly cute and highly destructive. There are worse things you could see moments before your demise.

4. Mollusk Launcher – Saints Row the Third 

mollusk launcher

Ok let’s be honest, we all know I wanted to go with the Penetrator but I realised it’s not big and it’s not clever. Ok it might be big. A little too big, Anyways I’m going off topic. Saints Row the Third took the series in a new direction, some loved it and some hated it. Either way along with all the fun came some seriously fun weapons ranging from farts in a jar to a Dubstep gun that makes everyone dance in Saints Row 4. The Mollusk Launcher shoots out live Octopi that stick to its target like satchel charges and can be detonated, if shot at a human target they will break out in dance and then aid you, can’t ask for more than that. Also funny to see Octopus flying through the air. The Octopus on the launcher will also start talking to you when you go to fire it saying “please Genki, don’t do that to me”

I found a video of the crying the weapon makes, again not mine. I apologise for the naked Genki cat man. 

5. TnTeddy – Sunset Overdrive

tnt teddy

A gun that fires Explosive Teddy bears, we’re seeing a theme here. Take cute things that portray innocence and make them dangerous. I feel sorry for the stuffed victims involved but blowing up OD with this weapon was very effective. Sunset Overdrive in inset was a pretty fun game that never took itself seriously. A few of my favourite weapons include the Acid Sprinkler which shot out little Fizzies that poured acid out and burned whatever OD was unlucky enough to come near it.

These are just my experiences with games, I’m sure there are some more wacky weapons out there and I’d love to hear your experiences with them. 

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