Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 Coming To Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Starting March 29th

Capcom today announced that Resident Evil 4,5 and 6 will be heading to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this year. It is currently unclear as to whether the next-gen console releases of the previous three titles in the hugely popular horror series will be HD remakes or a straight, untouched port but it appears to be leaning towards a largely untouched straight port with nothing in the way of new improvements. Resident Evil 6 kicks off the series next month, launching on March 29th, which will be followed by 5 in the summer and 4 in the fall. Each game will cost you $19.99, and in the case of 6 it will also come bundled with all of the post-launch downloadable content.


2005’s Resident Evil 4 saw a change in direction for the series with the slow paced horror exchanged for a more faster-paced experience while Capcom also introduced a more action based approach to one of survival horror’s greatest franchises. Another feature introduced was the ability to play the game in Co-op, which has continued throughout the latter titles in the series.

Resident Evil 6 will launch Digitally for the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 March 29th.

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