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Resident Evil 4 HD Project New Comparison screenshots of the Village released

Albert’s and Chris’ HD project for Resident Evil 4 is coming along really nicely and today they have released a whole bunch of new comparison screenshots that show further progression while taking us once more back to the iconic rural European Village from the game. For the last few months the team have been alternating their time between re-texturing the Island and 3D modeling / UV mapping edits for the Village.

The duo are working on an HD Texture Pack for the Resident Evil 4 HD Ultimate Edition and have started making 3D modeling corrections and enhancements while working on the Castle section of the Resident Evil 4. They had neither the tools nor the skills required to achieve that level of quality.

What they have done with Resident Evil 4 so far is amazing, below are the unreleased 3D edits not currently present in the “Village Pack” download. This is just a small selection among the hundreds of small little issues these areas suffered from.

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