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Red Game coming to the Playstation Vita

Red Game Without a Great Name – a demanding mobile 2D arcade puzzle game, where you control a mechanical bird in its quest to deliver secret messages is coming to PlayStation Vita! The iOS version has been kindly welcomed by the gaming community and game critics all around the globe, and was featured by Apple in ‘Best New Games’ category in 120 countries, and has been nominated for the Indie Prize Showcase at Casual Connect USA 2015.

You control the teleporting bird using touch and swipe mechanics. The levels you have to complete are filled with traps like barbed wire, windmill blades, and spikes. A good deal of reflexes and fast planning will be a must. Pick up power-ups to gain temporary abilities, like smashing walls, or invulnerability to damage. Collect gears to fully complete the game.


– Simple to grasp, hard to master game mechanic

– 60 levels filled with traps to overcome

– 180 gears to collect

– 3 power-ups to enhance your abilities

– Unique art style dominated by red

– One more attempt syndrome

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