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Protocol Games, Song Of Horror returns to Kickstarter with a bang

Protocol Games, Song of Horror launched its second Kickstarter campaign just one week ago and in that short space of time the project has had over €17,000 pledged, while also being selected as a Staff Pick by Kickstarter. With a goal of €50,000 and 34 days to go, they are well on their way to getting fully funded!

As well as a current success of the campaign, Protocol Games released a new trailer and a whole bunch of screenshots for Song Of Horror, you can check those out below.

We had the chance to chat with the great guys at Protocol Games back in June, you can check that out HERE

Song of Horror will be divided into several chapters. In each chapter, you will visit a different location while delving deeper and deeper into the mystery. Your findings will shed light upon the darkness that has taken over Daniel’s life. Song of Horror features no weapons, no traditional enemies and no typical combat. Instead, you will be haunted by twisted manifestations of an eldritch, primeval horror. This entity is known only as “The Presence”. The Presence will mess with your senses and dramatically warp reality. This paranormal terror will affect lighting, sound and the very atmosphere around you. Its harrowing manifestations will either actively haunt you or lie in wait for you, setting deadly traps that you’ll need to avoid if you want to live. It will play with you as a predator does with its prey, featuring both pre-set events and procedural appearances of many kinds, influenced by how you play, how much attention you draw to yourself, and its own mood system.

Nowhere is safe from the Presence. In order to survive, you will need to react, and to anticipate events. You will need to run, and you will need to hide, but these are just examples. Different forms of danger will require wildly different approaches out of you. Can you adapt? Can you make it?

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