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PlayStation 4/PC The Deadly Tower Of Monsters new info and screenshots released

The Deadly Tower Of Monsters launches at the beginning of next year for the PlayStation 4 and PC, today, the games publishers Atlus, revealed more information regarding the game as well as a releasing a bunch of new screenshots.

In The Deadly Tower of Monsters, players don’t just go up the eponymous tower whacking, zapping, and incinerating the most hideous abominations the games planet, Gravoria has to offer; the writers wanted to add much more complexity than just one direction. So now, players can also go down the tower while whacking, zapping, and incinerating the most hideous abominations the planet Gravoria has to offer. 

Let’s face it – no one likes retracing their footsteps to get back from whence they came. Ain’t nobody got time for that. So instead of wasting your valuable time, grab a jet pack and go take a flying leap off the side of a ledge. Seriously. Using all your cunning instincts of self preservation, you can deftly freefall from one level to another, taking care to clear the landing zone with your trusty weapon. Not only is freefalling convenient and flashy, there are also plenty of rings scattered around the Tower that grant special rewards of immeasurable aid to Dick, Scarlet or Robot! Secret areas can also be accessed via freefalling, so keeps those eyes peeled! Just remember to use your boosters in a timely fashion, because well…gravity is a harsh mistress.

The Deadly Tower of Monsters crash-lands onto the PC and PS4 on Jan. 19, 2016 in the North America and Europe.

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