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Play The Elder Scrolls Online for free this weekend

If you have yet to try The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited, Bethesda are offering you the chance to try it out for free starting from Thursday running to Monday, December 14th at 3:00am. There will also be a 60% discount if you decide to purchase the game before the weekend is up and you will also be entered into a competition to win a million USD, if that isn’t a good reason to purchase, I don’t know what is!

Here’s the official details for Xbox One and PC players.

Xbox One Players

If you’re looking to try ESO for free on Xbox One, you’ll be able to begin downloading the game this Thursday at 3am EST through Xbox Live. Once it’s finished downloading, you can begin playing immediately!

If you decide to purchase ESO before the Free Play Weekend concludes on December 14th at 3am EST, not only will you save 60% on the game but all your progress from the weekend will carry over! In addition, you’ll be entered to win $1 million (USD). Be sure to visit our contest page for rules and additional information.

Last, but certainly not least, everyone will be able to purchase crowns through Xbox Live at a discounted rate during the Free Play Weekend:

  • 1,500 crown packs will be 25% off
  • 3,000 crown packs will be 33% off
  • 5,500 crown packs will be 40% off

PC/Mac Players

Beginning right now, you can start downloading the game so you’re ready to join in with friends this Thursday at 3am EST. Before you download, you’ll need a Free Play Weekend code which you can find across various websites, or even from a friend that’s currently playing ESO! Once you have your code in hand, just follow the instructions below:

  1. Create a game account at
  2. Activate your account by clicking the link in the activation email sent to you.
  3. Return to and sign in with your new account.
  4. On your account page, click “Redeem Code.” Enter your code in the popup box that appears.
  5. Once your code has been successfully redeemed, a download link will appear on your account page. Download the game and you’ll be ready to play!

As part of this special weekend, you can also save 60% on your purchase of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited through Monday, December 14th. If you purchase ESO while playing during our Free Play Weekend, you’ll be able to continue your adventure seamlessly, even after the event concludes.

Did we mention that while you play, you’ll be registered to win $1 million (USD)? It’s true! Just visit our contest pagefor rules and additional information.

Lastly, in celebration of our first Free Play Weekend, we’ll be discounting Crown Packs from our store for the duration of the event!

  • 750 crown packs will be 25% off
  • 1,500 crown packs will be 25% off
  • 3,000 crown packs will be 33% off
  • 5,500 crown packs will be 40% off

Unfortunately this offer is unavailable for PS4 players but Bethesda are working with Sony to hopefully offer the same opportunity in the future. 

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