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Play GRAV for free this weekend, opportunities to find STEAM Keys in game

Bitmonster Games Sci-Fi open world co-op shooter GRAV is currently free to play up until Sunday the 15th through STEAM, however that’s not where the developers generosity ends, players wishing to play the game for free this weekend could be lucky enough to find one of the many loot crates scattered throughout the game, which could contain STEAM Keys for the game. 

And if that is not enough incentive for newcomers to want to jump into the glorious open world of GRAV, Bitmonster Games have also updated the Early Access title with an all new world with brand new Biomes to explore and some great scenery to witness such as new waterfalls and landscapes. There are also four brand new monsters to fight with Ploppit, Snapshell, Grokkar and Pekket lying in wait. All new weapons and a completely revamped UI for players to get their hands on with powerful pistols such as the Captains Pistol and Alien Tower Sword, this weekend is a great time to get involved with the open world shooter that has received mostly positive reviews since it’s launch onto Early Access in January this year.

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