Paladins welcomes Evie, the first new champion to the closed beta

Hi-Rez Studios will today add the first new champion to the Paladins closed beta. Paladins, the card based first person shooter which is currently running a 24/7 Closed Beta welcomes the champion, Evie, a spunky winter witch and her abilities support a hit and run playstyle based on misdirection. She can use her abilities to create an illusion of herself to help fight enemies, teleport a short distance and, of course, soar above the battlefield on her staff.

Today’s patch also includes several other changes such as small tweaks to existing maps and several brand new cards for players to experiment with. Hi-Rez has previously stated that frequent updates are part of their development strategy so players can expect to see new champions, cards, and balance tweaks throughout the beta. Hi-Rez have published a patch video to showcase the changes.

Paladins is expected to officially release as a free-to-play title in 2016.

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