overlord fellowship of evil

Overlord Fellowship of Evil

Bring out your evil side with Overlord: Fellowship of Evil, a game that actively encourages you to be Evil. An Action-RPG penned by award-winning Overlord scriptwriter Rihanna Pratchett. Embark on a quest featuring four Netherghuls, Undead servants of the dark arts that have resurrected in the absence of the Overlord to bring evil back to a world overrun by Good.

Like the other Overlord games, you will be assisted by minions led by Gnarl (voiced by Marc Silk). Collect loot and develop your character in single player or with up to three friends in local split-screen co-op.

“Overlord is the only series that actively encourages players to have fun being the embodiment of evil, destroying all that is good in a subversive, comedic manner. Fellowship of Evil captures this essence and adds in four-way, chaotic co-op play where gamers can even turn on each other in their quest to become the ultimate anti-hero. Evil always finds a way…sometimes it just needs a bit of a nudge.”

  • Series signature dark, mischievous humour: Kick a minion for pretending to be Gandalf! Destroy a troll couple who have been making minion soup in the Overlord’s helmet! Rhianna Pratchett returns with a twisted and hilarious tale of evil, chaos, Minions and the burning desire to destroy all things good!
  • Develop your Minion champions! They’re back! Our cruel critters return. Call upon your Minions in battle and build them into mighty champions to do your destructive bidding. “For the Master!”
  • Invade. Smite. Loot! Work your way through the Netherworld and unleash hell on the world above! Trample the weak under your evil size 10s with fun and satisfying combat, combining unique abilities and melee attacks to dominate all who stand before you! Share loot or steal the spoils- how far are you willing to go on your quest to be the ultimate anti-hero?
  • Four times the players, four times the fun! Evil has a new face. Well, four faces, actually. But who wears the evilist? Er, eviler? You decide! Pick from any of four distinct Netherghul characters, each with unique abilities. Play as a team, or screw each other over – evil never plays by the rules!


The game will release on Xbox One, PC and PS4 for £14.99 and is developed by Codemasters

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