One Light Upon

One Upon Light jumps out of the shadows in October on PS4

Developed in Singapore by the talented team of SUTD Game Lab, One Upon Light is the new partnership indie Rising Star Games, which publishes the game in Western markets in digital format.

In the world of One Light Upon the power struggle between darkness and light is reversed. The hero wanders the ruins of the scientific laboratory Aurora, looking for answers about past events, but also clues to its identity and things to think about the future. He will regain the world order of things logical and reassuring?The answers are here, but one thing is sure, it will do no good stay in the light.

It is imperative to put aside his childhood fears because in October, darkness becomes your most valuable ally, and light your worst enemy. The hit adventure game Upon Light One landed in digital output on Playstation 4, Europe and the United States.

Characteristics :

  • Levels to explore for top-down and puzzles using the unique properties of shadow and light.
  • Switches, blocks, trucks and other techniques to create lots of darkness, and thus block the light that signs the death of the character
  • Ability to save shadows encountered through the “Shadow Echo”, in order to reuse them later if problems
  • Inspired black and white cartoons, One Upon Light offers enchanting visuals, but requires skill and above all a great capacity for reflection. The photophobic have a head start!


Martin Defries, managing director of Rising Star Games had the following to say,

This shows that our line-up indie is that Rising Star Games adore the original games, When we saw Upon Light One for the first time, we knew immediately that stuck perfectly with our style, and we wanted to make it accessible to gamers worldwide.”

Teo Chor Guan, Program Director at SUTD Game Lab followed up with this,

Since the release of our game, exclusively on Playstation 4 Asia in October 2014, we are looking for the ideal partner for a Western release. Rising Star Games help us achieve this dream, and we are eager to launch One Light Upon worldwide“.

One Upon Light

One Light Upon

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