Minecraft alex pack

New skins and achievements in Minecraft

Players on all consoles will get the new “Alex” skin pack on Wednesday. Mojang wants to represent the diversity of it’s players.

“Everyone loves Steve. But jolly old Steve doesn’t really represent the diversity of our playerbase. For that reason, we’re giving all players opportunity to play with an Alex skin instead. She brings thinner arms, redder hair, and a ponytail; she actually looks a bit like Jens from certain angles.”

Achievement hunters will be pleased to hear that there will be an update for the Xbox 360 with an extra 30 achievements bringing it’s total gamerscore to 1000 with some new tunes added along with the update.

“We’re also bringing a bundle of new music tracks to Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition. After this update there’ll be more of C418’s plinky plonky goodness in-game. Nice.”

Playstation owners will be getting The Simpsons skin pack this week which is already available on the Xbox. 

The new achievements:

Pork Chop: Cook and Eat a Pork Chop – 10g

Archer: Kill a Creeper with Arrows- 10g

Renewable Energy: Smelt wood trunks using Charcoal to make more Charcoal. 10g

Iron Man: Wear A Full Suit of Iron Armour: 15g

Have a shearful Day: Use shears to obtain wool from a Sheep: 15g

Lion Tamer: Tame an Ocelot 15g

Pot Planter: Craft and place a Plant Pot 15g

It’s a sign!: Craft and place a sign 15g

Repopulation: Breed two cows with wheat 15g

Diamonds to you: Throw diamonds at another player 15g

Local Brewery: Brew a Potion: 15g

The End? : Enter a Netherportal 20g

Diamonds!: Acquire Diamonds with your Iron tool 20g

Enchanter: Construct an Enchantment table 20g

Librarian : Build some bookshelves to improve your enchantment table 20g

Passing the time: Play for 100 days 20g

Iron Belly: Stop Starvation using rotten flesh 20g

The Haggler: Mine or purchase 30 diamonds 20g

Into fire: Relieve a Blaze of it’s Rod 20g

Rainbow Collection: Gather all 16 colours of wool 20g

Staying Frosty: Swim in lava while having the Fire resistance effect 20g

Chest full of cobblestone: Mine 1,728 cobblestone and put it in a chest 20g

Zombie Doctor: Cure a Zombie Villager: 20g

Music to my Ears: Play a disc in a jukebox 20g

Bodyguard: Create an iron Golem 20g

Overkill: Deal 9 hearts of damage in a single hit 30g

Return to Sender: Destroy a Ghast with a fireball 30g

Sniper Duel: Kill a skeleton with an arrow from more than 50 meters 30g

The End: Kill the Enderdragon 40g

Adventuring Time: Discover 17 of the 23 biomes 40g

Players who have played the Xbox One version of the game will be familiar with all achievements but it’s definitely a great reason to go back to the 360 version of the game for more Minecraft fun!

Minecraft Story Mode Episode 5 Out March 29th, 3 More Episodes to come in 2016

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  • Natalie Gabriel

    My children are going to love this update as they will be able to play as a girl. 😉