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New Developer Gameplay Video released as We Are The Dwarves nears launch

Developed by Whale Rock Games, We Are The Dwarves! is set to launch across Windows, Mac, and Linux on February 26th, today the developers from the Ukraine have released a new in-depth video looking into the exciting gameplay. We Are The Dwarves! is a story-driven real-time tactical action game that follows three dwarven astronauts in the Stone Universe who are looking for the bright Stars. The astronauts are involved in an accident, pushing them into dangerous circumstances, this however is when the real adventure begins!

Along their journey the dwarves come across ancient races and giant monsters with players able to command all three characters at any given time. How players choose to approach We Are The Dwarves! is totally up to them, whether you prefer to be stealthy, sneaking around the environment or more of a bull in a china shop slashing away at enemies, the choice is yours!.

Whale Rock Games have released an in-depth look into the gameplay of their upcoming tactical adventure, Smashfist, Forcer, and Shadow all have a key role to play in the journey, and come together to form the dynamic balance between control, support, and stealth. In this video, project lead Alexey Moskovchenko shows just how crucial this understanding is, by showing each of the three dwarves abilities, and their implementation using the tactical strategy element of active pause.

We Are The Dwarves launches for Windows, Linux and Mac from February 26th.

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