More Games to Boost your Xbox One Gamerscore

So in a recent article I looked at ten games to boost your online ego, or gamerscore as it’s widely known.  Well, since then even more games have been released that don’t take that long to complete and are actually pretty fun games.

So let’s take a look at all the games that will make your gamerscore bigger but not necessarily better. I will state the approximate hours for completion and whether any outside hardware (kinect or added controllers) are needed. Also most will link to the review for the game if you are still unsure you want to try it.


1. Slice Zombies for Kinect

(Kinect required obvs) Slice Zombies for Kinect awards you with delicious achievements pretty much after every ten minutes, that is until you hit the last one. Like a lot of other games, the developer has decided to make you work for that last achievement, taking a couple more hours for the final one which requires you to unlock everything in the shop. A lot of coins are needed and by the time you reach the stage where this is your last one, your arms may be a little tired from all the beheading of comical Zombies. Regardless of whether you persevere for that last achievement, it’s still 860g in just a matter of hours.

Approx:  5 Hours

Goat simulator

2. Goat Simulator

Release your inner goat and do pretty much whatever the hell you want to do as a goat. Stackable on both The Xbox 360 and the Xbox One, Goat Simulator allows you to muck around with your herd and earn some easy achievements at the same time. Finding a decent video guide will speed the process up even more but be warned there is one achievement which may make you rage depending on your skill and patience. The Flapmaster, requires you to score 10 points, if you’ve ever played Flappy Bird you may already know how frustrating this can be. Apart from that, everything else if easy and you’ll have your easy gamerscore in no time.

Approx 2 to 3 hours for everything plus a lot more (or less) depending on your skill with Flappy Goat

tachyon project review

3. Tachyon Project

A fun twin-stick shooter with a forgiving difficulty and great checkpoints that make it easy, even for newcomers. Achievements range from just completing the levels and shooting enemies with a certain weapon. Yet again though, (there’s always one) the last achievement requires a few more hours with you having to rack up 10,000,000 score in total. Not too taxing doing every now and again but you will have everything else done a couple hours before you unlock this.

Approx: 6 to 8 Hours.

slashdash review

4. Slash Dash

(Four controllers required) SlashDash is a local multiplayer ninja party game that is extremely easy to unlock achievements in. Achievements range from playing a certain amount of games to killing enemies and seeing as there are no AI (this has it’s upside and downside with four controllers needed for two to even access two of the modes) you’re basically killing yourself or your idle controller, that is if you wanted to boost it. It’s a fun game to play with friends and family so you’ll unlock achievements just playing normally. Again (what you knew this was coming) there is that ONE achievement that plays hard to get, and takes a teeny tiny bit longer than the other easy ones. It requires you to capture 500 flags, this can take time.

Approx: 3 to 4 hours


5. Quiplash 

A fun quiz game that takes just 1 hour to complete. Achievements range from playing a game with an audience, playing a game with 8 players (this requires some phones and tablets to join in the fun via the internet) and getting a Quiplash for just 10 achievements in total. It’s also quite a fun, wacky quiz game to play with friends and up to 10,000 players can join in the fun. Answers are based on the audiences opinion so anything goes.

Approx: 1 hour


6. Pneuma Breath of Life

A first person puzzle game created using Unreal Engine 4. The achievements range from just completing the various puzzles, and chapters of the game and is a pretty fun experience all round. With help for puzzles being found easily online these days (what did we ever do without the internet?) getting stuck won’t be an issue.  

Approx: 2 to 3 hours


7 . Nero

(Tissues required if you are emotional lol) A game I thoroughly enjoyed even though with the content I probably shouldn’t. More of an emotional tale with light puzzles than a game but quite easy for achievements and definitely worth playing. You may or may not need a guide for the various collectibles scattered around the beautifully designed levels, depending on how much time you like to spend looking for things . Achievements range from completing puzzles, finding mementos and completing the game. You’ll also need it to be a Thursday for one of the achievements to unlock. 

Approx: 2 to 3 hours


8. Scrabble 

(USA but you can change the region of your Xbox to purchase it) Another game with easy achievements, we all know the basics of Scrabble and playing it online on your Xbox One can be a lot of fun. Achievements range from using an Emoji in multiplayer, completing matches and beating the various difficulties of AI so (Scrabble Helper websites may be required) As always the internet is your very best friend if you struggle to make words out of jumbled letters. 

Approx: 2 to 3 hours

9. The Swapper

Another puzzle game, this time you make versions of yourself to solve puzzles with an interesting story to boot. Definitely not the worst way you could spend your time while earning easy achievements. Multiple guides can be found for efficiency but the game doesn’t punish you too severely for failing a specific puzzle. Achievements require you to find hidden areas in each level so a guide is needed to fully complete it. 

Approx: 3 to 4 hours

the fall

10. The Fall 

Another adventure puzzle game that tells a cool story and is relatively easy at the same time. You play as ARID, an A.I on board a futuristic combat suit, whose human pilot has been injured and hangs almost lifeless inside. Achievements range from shining your light on slugs and completing various points in the story.

Approx: 2 to 3 hours

Well, there’s another ten games for you to play, safe in the knowledge some easy achievements and gamerscore are just a few hours away. If gamerscore is your thing that is. 

10 games to Boost your Xbox One gamerscore

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