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Miko Mole launches in North America for PlayStation 4

Indie game developer and publisher EnsenaSofts, Miko Mole has officially launched for the PS4 in North America, the studios debut console game on the PlayStation Store with additional titles to follow soon. Miko Mole is inspired by classic titles such as Boulder Dash, Worms, Stealth 2 and Unmechanical. Miko Mole takes players on an exciting underground mission to become master thief by collecting enough gems on each level to open its exit to progress.

To locate hidden gems you must dig, and dig deep, and the more treasure you uncover for Miko the better. But danger lurks everywhere, and many levels requires fast-thinking and clever strategy to avoid the many obstacles, surprises and traps, in addition to the many enemies such as bats, skunks and rats hidden down under. Objects can be manipulated and sometimes offers access to inaccessible areas. Cool gadgets unlock as you play, and use them wisely, as they offer solutions to imminent puzzles. Miko can grab and move objects and even blow up stuff on certain levels, but don’t get yourself carried away – or stuck – or your heroic efforts will be in vain.

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