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Loot Hound available now on STEAM

Indie developers Rhizome Games have announced the worldwide release of their exploration game, Loot Hound, a fun game with elements of simulation and strategy ideal for the young and curious, the older, wiser, and the casual gamer. Some people’s trash is another person’s treasure, and digital pack rats will enjoy a barking great time walking their canine friends digging up the oddest of rarities and valuables!

Loot Hound comes with 10 different parks and 110 collectibles for you and your dog to discover. Who knows what you might find? Dirty socks, beer bottles or the odd chunk of rock? The further you explore, the more you unearth, discovering long lost treasures of past presidents, rare snack foods, insane instruments and crazy toys and much more! Each loot item you discover reveals a little about your character’s history and personality, and every dog in the game has their own ability for you to discover. It’s hilarious fun going treasure hunting with your pal and you can extend, retract and pull the leash when needed. Your dog can detect, track, dig, and like real-world companions, be distracted, wander off, chase, break free and even become exhausted. Explore 10 distinct environments and parks from the Muddy Backlot to the Titanic Botanic! But watch out as City Park Patrol are on the lookout, and you don’t want to get caught digging up public city parks!

Loot Hound1

Loot Hound offers a refreshing exploratory game with a lot of humor and exciting gameplay. Walking your dog, it turns out, can be a lucrative experience even when it rains! Download today!

Loot Hound is available for download from HERE

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