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Life is Feudal: Your Own latest Update brings Winter conditions including rain and snow

Life is Feudal: Your Own launched on November 11th on STEAM, since the games full release developers, Bitbox have continued to listen to the steam community, releasing numerous updates for the game, that trend has continued today with the introduction of winter, with both rain and snow coming to Life is Feudal: Your Own. The latest update brings enhanced weather, including snow and rain with actual impacts on gameplay.

The new weather effects can be seen in the video below:

Weather and seasons aren’t just for show in Life is Feudal: Your Own. While rainy days are great for tree growth, livestock prefer the warmth of sunshine, and the perfect mix of both weather conditions can double or even triple crop yields.

Who doesn’t love a good snowball fight? Of course, snow comes with a few complications of its own. If left to accumulate, snow will not only slow you down on roadways (removing the associated speed bonus), it can eventually smother your fields and destroy your crops.

In addition to new providing new community-requested features for Life is Feudal: Your Own, BITBOX is hard at work on Life is Feudal: MMORPG, which will allow 10,000+ players to physically shape a massive, persistent world. How massive? See for for yourself in the Resources Infogragphic below.


Life Is Feudal: Your Own is currently on sale through STEAM with a 40% discount and is available for £14.99.

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