League of Legends Worlds 2015 Group Stage Info

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the intro to the Season 5 League of Legends 2015 World Championships. All the summer tournaments for each region are over and we now know the sixteen teams who will be competing at Worlds for each region. So I think it’s time we meet the sixteen teams from each region.

First up from Korea’s LCK we have former Season 3 World Champ’s SKT T1, second is the KOO Tigers, and the third and final spot is KT Rolster.

Next from China’s LPL we have LGD Gaming, second a team who has been at Worlds before Edward Gaming, and finally the third team is Invictus Gaming.

Next out of Taiwan’s LMS region we have a very strong team with AHQ, and then finally the Flash Wolves.

You might already know the three NA LCS teams from North America but here is a rundown just in case. First we have CLG, second is TSM, and finally we have Cloud 9.

As well you might already know the three EU LCS teams from Europe but here is a rundown for them just in case. First we have Fnatic, second is H2K, and finally the third seed is Origen.

And now finally the last and final two teams from the International Wild Card tournament. First we have the Bangkok Titans, and second team from the IWC is pain Gaming.

2015 Worlds Teams

Ok now that we’ve met the teams lets get into how Worlds works. So if you are not familiar with how the World tournament works for League, there is a “Group Stage” of games where each team in that group will play each other two times for a total of 6 games in total. The two teams with the best record from their group will advance to the “Knockout Stage” that is basically a normal tournament bracket style best of 5 set up. This past weekend the teams we sorted in a drawing into their respective group stages so let’s take a look at how the “Group Stage” turned out.

2015 Group Stage

In Group A we have;

          – CLG (#1 NA)

          – Flash Wolves (#2 LMS)

          – KOO Tigers (#2 LCK)

          – paiN Gaming (IWC)

In Group B we have;

          – Fnatic (#1 EU)

          – AHQ (#1 LMS)

          – Invictus Gaming (#3 LPL)

          – Cloud 9 (#3 NA)

In Group C we have;

          – SKT T1 (#1 LCK)

          – H2K (#2 EU)

          – Edward Gaming (#2 LPL)

          – Bangkok Titans (IWC)

And finally in Group D we have;

          – LGD Gaming (#1 LPL)

          – TSM (#2 NA)

          – KT Rolster (#3 LCK)

          – Origen (#3 EU)

Now let’s do a quick run-down of the teams and their players. In Group A for CLG we have; Top Lane – ZionSpartan, Jungle – HuHi, Mid Lane – Pobelter, ADC – Doublelift, and on Support – Aphromoo.

Next up for the Flash Wolves we have; Top Lane – Steak, Jungle – Karsa, Mid Lane – Maple, ADC – NL, Support – SwordArt, and as a ADC sub – Kkramer.

Next for the KOO Tigers we have; Top Lane – Smeb, Jungle – Hojin, Mid Lane – KurO, ADC – PraY, Support – GorillA, and as a Jungle sub – Wisdom.

And finally for our IWC team paiN Gaming we have; Top Lane – Mylon, Jungle – SirT, Mid Lane – Kami, ADC – brTT, and Support – Dioud.

Now for a quick run-down of our teams from Group B. First up we have Fnatic; Top Lane – Huni, Jungle – Reignover, Mid Lane – Febiven, ADC – Rekkles, Support – YellOwStaR, and as a Mid Lane sub – Shlaya.

Next we have AHQ; Top Lane – Ziv, Jungle – Mountain, Mid Lane – Westdoor, ADC – AN, Support – Albis, and as a Support sub – GreenTea.

Next up we have Invictus Gaming; Top Lane – Zz1tai, Jungle – KAKAO, Mid Lane – Rookie, ADC – Kid, and Support – Kitties.

And finally we have Cloud 9; Top Lane – Balls, Jungle – Hai, Mid Lane – Incarnati0n, ADC – Sneaky, and Support – LemonNation.

Now we will do a quick run-down of our teams from Group C. First up from this group we have SKT T1; Top Lane – MaRin, Jungle – Bengi, Mid Lane – Faker, ADC – Bang, Support – Wolf, and as a Mid Lane sub – Easyhoon.

Next up we have H2K; Top Lane – Odoamne, Jungle – Loulex, Mid Lane – Ryu, ADC – Hjarnan, Support – kaSing, and as a Jungle sub – BetongJocke.

Next we have Edward Gaming; Top Lane – Koro1, Jungle – Clearlove, Mid Lane – PawN, ADC – Deft, Support – Meiko, and as a Top Lane sub – AmazingJ.

And finally we have the IWC team Bangkok Titans; Top Lane – WarL0ck, Jungle – 007x, Mid Lane – G4, ADC – Lloyd, Support – Moss, and as a Top Lane sub – QaiZer.

And last but not least we will do a quick run-down of the teams from Group D, and first up we have LGD Gaming; Top Lane – Acorn, Jungle – TBQ, Mid Lane – GODV, ADC – imp, Support – Pyl, and as a Top Lane sub – Flame.

Next we have TSM; Top Lane – Dyrus, Jungle – Santorin, Mid lane – Bjergsen, ADC – WildTurtle, and Support – Lustboy.

Next up we have KT Rolster; Top Lane – Ssumday, Jungle – Score, Mid Lane – Nagne, ADC – Arrow, Support – Piccaboo, and as a Support sub – Fixer.

And finally we have Origen; Top Lane – SoaZ, Jungle – Amazing, Mid Lane – xPeke, ADC – Niels, and Support – Mithy.

And here is an example of how the “Knockout Stage” will look (depending on the results from the Group Stages).

Knockout Stage

That wraps up most of the pre-group stage info, and as a reminder the Group Stage matches will kick off Thursday, October 1st in Paris, France. However you can get ahead of the action and make your predictions for Worlds at the following link. Depending on how well you do you can receive certain rewards for your League account as well. For just participating you will receive a Summoner Icon, for earning 34 points or more based on your picks you will receive another Summoner Icon, and finally if somehow you end up getting every single pick correct you will receive the Championship Riven skin. So good luck in your picks!!

2015 World Championship Pickem Challenge

We look to see you next time for our Season 5 League of Legends 2015 World Championship coverage. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!

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