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League of Legends eSports EU and NA Semifinals

Welcome ladies and gentleman to the EU and NA LCS Summer playoffs, where the winner of each region will secure a coveted spot at the 2015 World Championship.

But first up here is a breakdown of how things during the playoffs will line up for the teams depending on where they finish.

1st place = Secured spot at Worlds

2nd place = 90 Championship Points

3rd place = 70 Championship Points

4th place = 40 Championship Points

5th and 6th place = 20 Championship Points

Additionally the team to finish the season with the most championship points from both spring and summer will secure the second spot for their region at Worlds. So a lot is at stake for every team. Here is how the championship points look for the teams in the EU LCS.

  • Fnatic – 90 points
  • Unicorns of Love – 70 points
  • H2K – 50 points
  • Origen – 0 points
  • ROCCAT – 0 points
  • Giants Gaming – 0 points

Before we get into that however there is some news from the EU challenger series, which is a group of teams who compete to try and make it into the EU LCS with the winner taking over the spot of the team who did the worst in the summer split. In a 3-2 victory over Mousesports, Dignitas EU will be the newest team into the EU LCS for spring 2016 replacing the Copenhagen Hagen Wolves who finished in 10th this summer.

Alright let’s get into the EU LCS playoffs where we are now onto the Semifinals involving Origen vs H2K, and Fnatic vs Unicorns of Love, and again all playoff matches are played in a best of 5. This week’s the most used champion from the EU in the semifinals was Shen, but since we have already showcased Shen the next most used champion was, “Elise, the Spider Queen”.


Origen vs. H2K

Game 1

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Shen) 3/0/13, Amazing (Gragas) 3/2/9, xPeke (Ahri) 5/1/8, Niels (Kog’Maw) 5/1/11, and Mithy (Alistar) 2/2/13.

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Olaf) 2/4/2, Loulex (Lee Sin) 1/4/2, Ryu (Lulu) 1/3/2, Hjarnan (Corki) 1/2/2, and KaSing (Nautilus) 1/5/2.

          Winner: Origen – Not a great game by H2K despite looking so dominate against Giants Gaming in the previous best of five, as for some reason they went away from staple picks that they usually take. Origen however looked great and have definitely benefited from the two weeks they had to practice.

Game 2

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Lulu) 2/1/7, Amazing (Rek’Sai) 4/0/6, xPeke (Ahri) 4/3/3, Niels (Kalista) 1/1/6, and Mithy (Janna) 0/0/10.

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Shen) 0/4/3, Loulex (Gragas) 0/2/2, Ryu (Orianna) 3/2/2, Hjarnan (Tristana) 1/2/1, and KaSing (Nautilus) 1/1/2.

          Winner: Origen – A closer game this time between the two teams, but Origen still won out in objective control due to their superior team fighting composition. Things are looking grim for H2K who are now on the verge of getting swept by Origen like they themselves did to Giants.

Game 3

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Rumble) 0/3/4, Amazing (Elise) 5/5/3, xPeke (Ahri) 2/5/4, Niels (Kog’Maw) 1/5/4, and Mithy (Alistar) 1/3/7.

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Maokai) 3/2/14, Loulex (Lee Sin) 6/4/6, Ryu (Fizz) 5/1/8, Hjarnan (Corki) 7/0/10, and KaSing (Shen) 0/2/13.

          Winner: H2K – H2K managed to redeem themselves this game, and show the H2K strength that they had against Giants. Origen looked sloppy in most of their map movements, and possibly game into this game 3 over confident after having beat H2K soundly during the first two games.

Game 4

          Origen – Champions played; SoaZ (Gnar) 6/0/7, Amazing (Elise) 5/2/6, xPeke (Fizz) 1/2/7, Niels (Corki) 6/1/8, and Mithy (Braum) 0/2/11.

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Maokai) 1/5/2, Loulex (Lee Sin) 2/2/5, Ryu (Yasuo) 2/5/4, Hjarnan (Jinx) 2/3/4, and KaSing (Tresh) 0/3/6.

          Winner: Origen – A great display from Origen to win game 4, and just a case of too little too late from H2K. H2K fall behind in the early game and never recover as Origen win the series 3-1 over H2K. Origen will advance to play the winner of Fnatic vs. UOL in the finals, while H2K will play the loser for 3rd/4th place.


Fnatic vs. Unicorns of Love

Game 1

            Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Riven) 4/1/7, Reignover (Elise) 4/1/5, Febiven (Azir) 2/0/5, Rekkles (Sivir) 5/0/7, YellOwStaR (Shen) 1/0/12.

            Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Nautilus) 0/5/2, H0R0 (Rek’Sai) 1/3/1, PowerOfEvil (Kog’Maw) 0/1/2, Vardags (Lucian) 1/5/1, and Hylissang (Alistar) 0/2/2.

            Winner: Fnatic – Fnatic look as dominate the first game of the playoffs as they did all summer, totally decimating UOL, only giving up just two kills. If the rest of the games swing in this direction UOL will be in some trouble.

Game 2

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Rumble) 1/3/9, Reignover (Olaf) 3/1/9, Febiven (Azir) 4/1/1, Rekkles (Sivir) 5/1/8, YellOwStaR (Alistar) 2/1/10.

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Shen) 2/4/1, H0R0 (Elise) 0/3/3, PowerOfEvil (Ezreal) 5/2/0, Vardags (Lucian) 0/3/1, and Hylissang (Braum) 0/3/5.

          Winner: Fnatic – Another route by Fnatic, although UOL did have a small glimmer of hope coming out of the mid lane with PowerOfEvil’s Ezreal. Although Fnatic won, it definitely wasn’t a clean game as a few mistakes lead to some good kills for UOL.

Game 3

          Fnatic – Champions played; Huni (Rumble) 2/2/12, Reignover (Olaf) 6/1/9, Febiven (Lulu) 0/0/15, Rekkles (Sivir) 9/0/8, YellOwStaR (Alistar) 0/0/15.

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Shen) 0/1/3, H0R0 (Elise) 1/5/2, PowerOfEvil (Kayle) 2/3/0, Vardags (Lucian) 0/2/1, and Hylissang (Braum) 0/6/3.

          Winner: Fnatic – And Fnatic get the sweep, which honestly as strong as they have been looking shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone. UOL were just clearly outmatched in every lane as Fnatic win the series 3-0. Fnatic will go on to face Origen in the summer finals with the winner getting that #1 seed for Europe at Worlds, while UOL will face H2K for 3rd place with the winner of that match getting the #2 seed at Worlds due to championship points only if Fnatic wins over Origen.


Now that the EU LCS Semifinal matches are over here is a look at the bracket so you can see what is to come for the finals and 3rd place match.

EU LCS playoffs

And this week’s featured match-up is the game 1 between Fnatic and Unicorns of Love. In this game 1, Fnatic displays it’s complete dominance to steam-roll over UOL grabbing a quick twenty-six minute victory. Enjoy!!

Before we jump into the NA semifinals, there is some news from the NA Challenger Series. As with the EU is a group of teams who compete to try and make it into the LCS with the winner taking over the spot of the team who did the worst in the summer split. In a 3-2 victory over Team Coast, Renegades will be the newest team to enter the NA LCS for spring 2016 replacing (TDK) Team Dragon Knights who came in last this summer.

As with the EU LCS here is how the championship points look for the teams in the NA LCS.

  • TSM – 90 points
  • Cloud 9 – 70 points
  • Team Liquid – 50 points
  • Team Impulse – 30 points
  • Gravity – 10 points
  • CLG – 10 points
  • Team Dignitas – 0 points

And now let’s get into the NA LCS playoffs semifinals, where it will be Counter Logic Gaming vs Team Impulse, and Team Liquid vs Team Solo Mid. And this week’s the most used champion from the NA in the semifinals was, “Braum, the Heart of the Freljord”.



Counter Logic Gaming vs. Team Impulse

Game 1

          CLG – Champions played; ZionSpartan (Olaf) 3/4/7, Xmithie (Ekko) 2/3/13, Pobelter (Viktor) 4/2/9, Doublelift (Tristana) 8/1/8, and Aphromoo (Braum) 0/4/12.

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Shen) 2/4/9, Rush (Evelynn) 3/5/8, Gate (Lulu) 5/2/6, Apollo (Kog’Maw) 4/3/6, and Adrian (Alistar) 0/3/11.

          Winner: CLG – A pretty close game all around, but Doublelift on his Tristana was too much for Impulse to handle. CLG do win this game 1, but due to the closeness of this games nature Impulse definitely have a good shot to pick up some wins.

Game 2

          CLG – Champions played; ZionSpartan (Gnar) 2/3/8, Xmithie (Ekko) 0/2/10, Pobelter (Orianna) 5/2/5, Doublelift (Tristana) 6/2/6, and Aphromoo (Tresh) 0/3/13.

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Maokai) 2/1/7, Rush (Lee Sin) 3/4/7, Gate (Lulu) 0/1/7, Apollo (Vayne) 7/3/3, and Adrian (Braum) 0/4/7.

          Winner: CLG – Another honestly pretty close game, but with the game going again into CLG’s favor. So far in these match up’s CLG’s jungler Xmithie has been doing far more for his team than Impulse’s jungler Rush has been doing for his. Impulse need to win game 3 in order to extend the series.

Game 3

          CLG – Champions played; ZionSpartan (Gnar) 4/1/12, Xmithie (Ekko) 4/2/16, Pobelter (Orianna) 6/2/12, Doublelift (Jinx) 6/2/9, and Aphromoo (Alistar) 1/3/15.

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Maokai) 0/6/7, Rush (Lee Sin) 5/5/2, Gate (Viktor) 2/3/3, Apollo (Kog’Maw) 2/4/4, and Adrian (Braum) 1/3/4.

          Winner: CLG – A tough loss to end their hopes of going to the summer finals for Impulse as they just seemed to run out of steam for this last match while CLG was still in prime from. CLG win the series 3-0, and will go on to face the winner of Team Liquid vs (TSM) Team Solo Mid in the finals, and Team Impulse will play the loser of that game for 3rd/4th place.


Team Liquid vs. Team Solo Mid

Game 1

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Gnar) 2/7/6, IWDominate (Elise) 1/3/7, FeniX (Lulu) 5/3/5, Piglet (Kog’Maw) 2/3/3, and Xpecial (Tresh) 1/3/6.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Maokai) 1/3/15, Santorin (Ekko) 1/3/13, Bjergsen (Azir) 7/2/10, WildTurtle (Jinx) 10/0/5, and Lustboy (Braum) 0/3/13.

          Winner: TSM – An incredibly close game that lasted a whopping fifty-three minutes, with TSM getting a epic baron steal off of the well placed ultimate from WildTurtle on his Jinx. The game lasted so long because there was mistakes made by both sides in the game to extend it, but in the end TSM came up victorious.

Game 2

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Maokai) 0/5/8, IWDominate (Elise) 3/2/7, FeniX (Viktor) 2/2/5, Piglet (Sivir) 5/2/6, and Xpecial (Alistar) 1/4/10.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Gnar) 0/5/2, Santorin (Nidalee) 0/3/2, Bjergsen (Azir) 2/3/0, WildTurtle (Jinx) 0/2/2, and Lustboy (Braum) 0/6/2.

          Winner: TSM – A much better well controlled game this time by TSM, though it was still fairly close. The three main carries on TSM of Santorin, Bjergsen, and WildTurtle did most of the work and helped TSM secure game 2. Team Liquid now have their backs up against the wall and need to have a reverse sweep in order to still have a shot at finals.

Game 3

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Nautilus) 0/2/14, IWDominate (Gragas) 2/3/12, FeniX (Azir) 6/1/10, Piglet (Vayne) 9/1/9, and Xpecial (Braum) 3/5/14.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Maokai) 4/6/6, Santorin (Evelynn) 1/4/9, Bjergsen (Ahri) 5/3/7, WildTurtle (Sivir) 2/3/8, and Lustboy (Alistar) 0/4/10.

          Winner: Team Liquid – Team Liquid grab the win in what was another semi close game between the two teams and still have a chance now to win this series. FeniX on his favorite champion Azir and Piglet on his much loved Vayne helped Team Liquid send this to a game 4.

Game 4

          Team Liquid – Champions played; Quas (Nautilus) 1/1/1, IWDominate (Gragas) 1/6/1, FeniX (Viktor) 1/3/2, Piglet (Twitch) 1/1/2, and Xpecial (Braum) 0/2/4.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Gnar) 4/0/3, Santorin (Ekko) 2/0/11, Bjergsen (Lulu) 1/1/10, WildTurtle (Jinx) 5/1/6, and Lustboy (Tresh) 1/2/11.

          Winner: TSM – A dominate game from TSM, the most complete a fluid game of the series from them as they come out and just completely shut down Team Liquid this match. TSM win the series 3-1 and will go on to face on of their long time rivals CLG in the finals with the winner getting the #1 seed for NA at Worlds, while Team Liquid will go up against Team Liquid for 3rd/4th place.


          Now that the NA LCS semifinals are over, here is a look at the playoff bracket in NA to see how things are shaping up.

NA LCS playoffs

And this week’s featured match-up is game 1 of Team Liquid and TSM, where I know it was a long game but it shows how close a game can be when two teams of this caliber face each other. Enjoy!

And that wraps up the Semifinals of the League of Legends summer playoffs. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!

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