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League of Legends eSports EU and NA Quarterfinals

Welcome ladies and gentleman it’s time for the EU and NA LCS Summer playoffs, where the winner of each region will secure a coveted spot at the 2015 World Championship.

But first up here is a breakdown of how things during the playoffs will line up for the teams depending on where they finish.

1st place = Secured spot at Worlds

2nd place = 90 Championship Points

3rd place = 70 Championship Points

4th place = 40 Championship Points

5th and 6th place = 20 Championship Points

Additionally the team to finish the season with the most championship points from both spring and summer will secure the second spot for their region at Worlds. So a lot is at stake for every team. Here is how the championship points look for the teams in the EU LCS.

  • Fnatic – 90 points
  • Unicorns of Love – 70 points
  • H2K – 50 points
  • Origen – 0 points
  • ROCCAT – 0 points
  • Giants Gaming – 0 points

Alright let’s get into the EU LCS playoffs where up first is the Quarterfinals involving H2K vs Giants Gaming, and Unicorns of Love vs ROCCAT, in which all playoff matches are played in a best of 5. This week’s the most used champion from the EU in the quarterfinals was, “Alistar, the Minotaur”.


H2K vs. Giants Gaming

Game 1

          H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Shen) 1/0/7, Loulex (Lee Sin) 2/0/7, Ryu (Ahri) 8/0/5, Hjarnan (Tristana) 4/0/4, and KaSing (Tresh) 1/0/11.

          Giants Gaming – Champions played; Werlyb (Trundle) 0/3/0, Fr3deric (Nidalee) 0/3/0, PepiiNeRO (Viktor) 0/3/0, Adryh (Corki) 0/4/0, and G0DFRED (Janna) 0/4/0.

          Winner: H2K – A fun little fact, Giants have never been able to take a game off of H2K, even when they were both in the Challenger Series together. Their entire record against H2K coming into playoffs is 0-7. And as you can see H2K came to play right out the bat from game 1 executing a flawless 0 death game.

Game 2

            H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Fizz) 6/3/2, Loulex (Lee Sin) 2/3/8, Ryu (Orianna) 4/1/6, Hjarnan (Sivir) 3/0/12, and KaSing (Alistar) 1/0/13.

            Giants Gaming – Champions played; Werlyb (Shen) 5/3/1, Fr3deric (Gragas) 0/4/3, PepiiNeRO (Viktor) 1/1/3, Adryh (Vayne) 1/5/3, and G0DFRED (Braum) 0/3/3.

            Winner: H2K – Again Giants just find themselves outmatched by H2K especially in the bot lane, where Hjarnan and KaSing were able to completely control the lane and with help from Ryu were able to completely control the rest of the game.

Game 3

            H2K – Champions played; Odoamne (Fizz) 8/5/6, BetongJocke (Elise) 1/5/14, Ryu (Karthus) 9/4/11, Hjarnan (Tristana) 4/1/11, and KaSing (Alistar) 3/1/18.

            Giants Gaming – Champions played; Werlyb (Trundle) 6/7/8, Fr3deric (Evelynn) 4/6/4, PepiiNeRO (Twisted Fate) 3/4/4, Adryh (Sivir) 3/4/8, and G0DFRED (Braum) 0/4/12.

            Winner: H2K – The closest game of the series so far as H2K decide to sub out their jungler (a practice common with play in the LCK (Korea)), and with Werlyb being able to do some work on his Trundle. However once again the bot lane of H2K managed to heavily influence the game with fast tower pushes from Hjarnan and clutch engages from KaSing. H2K win the series 3-0 and now have an impressive 10-0 record over Giants. H2K will be facing off against Origen in the semifinals.


Unicorns of Love vs. ROCCAT

Game 1

            Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Nautilus) 4/2/14, H0R0 (Rek’Sai) 3/1/10, PowerOfEvil (Viktor) 10/1/6, Vardags (Sivir) 3/3/14, and Hylissang (Annie) 2/5/13.

          ROCCAT – Champions played; Steve (Rumble) 1/7/5, Jankos (Elise) 5/4/4, Nukeduck (Aniva) 1/4/6, MrRalleZ (Kog’Maw) 4/4/5, and Vander (Alistar) 1/3/9.

            Winner: UOL – UOL acquire a new jungler for themselves with H0R0 who paid dividends despite what was actually a pretty decent team comp from ROCCAT, the amount of engage and crowd control that UOL had allowed them to gain the upper hand in several team fights and subsequently allowed UOL to win game 1.

Game 2

           Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Nautilus) 2/4/9, H0R0 (Rek’Sai) 1/2/13, PowerOfEvil (Varus) 5/2/7, Vardags (Sivir) 5/3/7, and Hylissang (Morgana) 1/3/12.

          ROCCAT – Champions played; Steve (Maokai) 2/3/9, Jankos (Elise) 3/3/5, Nukeduck (Viktor) 3/4/6, MrRalleZ (Kog’Maw) 6/2/5, and Vander (Alistar) 0/2/9.

          Winner: UOL – A tough loss for ROCCAT who put up a pretty close game this time around switching up some picks, while UOL stuck with what they were comfortable with after their first win. ROCCAT look to a possibly final game 3 to salvage what they can.

Game 3

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Maokai) 2/4/4, H0R0 (Rek’Sai) 0/4/6, PowerOfEvil (Viktor) 2/4/4, Vardags (Sivir) 3/3/2, and Hylissang (Alistar) 0/5/6.

          ROCCAT – Champions played; Steve (Rumble) 4/3/10, Jankos (Elise) 5/2/13, Nukeduck (Corki) 2/1/15, MrRalleZ (Kalista) 6/1/13, and Vander (Tresh) 3/0/15.

          Winner: ROCCAT – ROCCAT pick up their first and much needed win to keep their playoff hopes alive after UOL decide not to ban the Kalista this time around which gets instantly picked up by MrRalleZ and played extremely well and the main reason ROCCAT won this game.

Game 4

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Gnar) 2/3/3, H0R0 (Elise) 2/4/4, PowerOfEvil (Orianna) 2/2/7, Vardags (Sivir) 3/3/2, and Hylissang (Annie) 1/3/6.

          ROCCAT – Champions played; Steve (Maokai) 1/1/13, Jankos (Nidalee) 2/3/2, Nukeduck (Viktor) 7/3/4, MrRalleZ (Kalista) 5/3/4, and Vander (Alistar) 0/0/13.

          Winner: ROCCAT – Probably the closest game of the series thus far as ROCCAT got heavily out rotated and behind objective wise which lead to severe pressure by UOL. However through a splendid defense by ROCCAT they were able to win a late game team fight when the death timers are around sixty seconds to force it to a final game 5.

Game 5

          Unicorns of Love – Champions played; Vizicsacsi (Gnar) 5/6/5, H0R0 (Nidalee) 6/1/7, PowerOfEvil (Orianna) 2/2/6, Vardags (Varus) 1/3/7, and Hylissang (Alistar) 0/6/10.

          ROCCAT – Champions played; Steve (Maokai) 1/4/8, Jankos (Elise) 4/2/7, Nukeduck (Corki) 4/1/7, MrRalleZ (Kog’Maw) 7/2/7, and Vander (Braum) 2/5/13.

          Winner: UOL – In a final game 5, a game in which ROCCAT had the better team comp and was even ahead in kills, UOL still got the win. The reason for that is the reason that it has been almost every single game this series, and that is map control. ROCCAT found themselves heavily out rotated yet again, and honestly is the main reason they were not the winner of this series themselves. UOL win the series 3-2 and will go on to face Fnatic in the semifinals.


Now that the EU LCS Quarterfinal matches are over here is a look at the bracket so you can see what is to come.

EU LCS playoff bracket

And this week’s featured match-up is the game 4 between Unicorns of Love and ROCCAT. In this game 4, ROCCAT fends off several pushes by Unicorns of Love to bring it to a game 5. Enjoy!!

As with the EU LCS here is how the championship points look for the teams in the NA LCS.

  • TSM – 90 points
  • Cloud 9 – 70 points
  • Team Liquid – 50 points
  • Team Impulse – 30 points
  • Gravity – 10 points
  • CLG – 10 points
  • Team Dignitas – 0 points

And now let’s get into the NA LCS playoffs Quarterfinals, where it will be Team Impulse vs Team Dignitas, and Gravity vs Team Solo Mid. And this week’s the most used champion from the NA in the quarterfinals was, “Shen, the Eye of Twilight”.



Team Impulse vs. Team Dignitas

Game 1

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Shen) 1/2/8, Rush (Elise) 1/3/6, Gate (Azir) 3/2/5, Apollo (Kog’Maw) 5/1/5, and Adrian (Janna) 0/2/10.

          Team Dignitas – Champions played; Gamsu (Gnar) 0/3/6, Helios (Ekko) 1/1/8, Shiphtur (Viktor) 3/2/5, CoreJJ (Tristana) 6/1/3, and KiWiKiD (Alistar) 0/3/8.

          Winner: TIP – A well played game by Impulse with Gate still in as the mid laner due to XiaoWeiXiao still being suspended. Impact’s Shen was used in combination well with Apollo on his Kog’Maw, and Impulse also had great objective control during the game.

Game 2

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Shen) 1/1/9, Rush (Elise) 3/3/8, Gate (Lulu) 3/1/7, Apollo (Kog’Maw) 8/2/7, and Adrian (Leona) 1/2/12.

          Team Dignitas – Champions played; Gamsu (Gnar) 1/1/3, Helios (Nidalee) 2/3/5, Shiphtur (Kassadin) 2/3/4, CoreJJ (Lucian) 4/5/0, and KiWiKiD (Braum) 0/4/4.

          Winner: TIP – Again Impact is given his Shen and yet again he is able to make great plays across the map with his team due to Shen’s ultimate. And Dignitas performed worse than they did in game 1, they will have to take game 3 off of Impulse if they want a shot at the semifinals still.

Game 3

          Team Impulse – Champions played; Impact (Shen) 2/0/7, Rush (Elise) 7/2/8, Gate (Azir) 4/2/7, Apollo (Tristana) 2/3/8, and Adrian (Alistar) 0/3/14.

          Team Dignitas – Champions played; Gamsu (Gangplank) 3/2/4, Helios (Rek’Sai) 0/2/5, Shiphtur (Kog’Maw) 3/3/4, CoreJJ (Corki) 4/3/4, and KiWiKiD (Tresh) 0/5/4.

          Winner: TIP – Probably the best game in the series for Gamsu, but sadly the rest of the team didn’t do that well yet again. And Dignitas still didn’t ban Impact’s Shen away from him. For Impulse, Rush had a great game on Elise and completely carried the game for the most part getting off numerous ganks. Team Impulse win the series 3-0, and will go on to face (CLG) Counter Logic Gaming in the semifinals.


Gravity vs. Team Solo Mid

Game 1

          Gravity – Champions played; Hauntzer (Shen) 2/0/3, Move (Evelynn) 0/5/5, Keane (Azir) 1/1/2, Altec (Tristana) 2/1/3, Bunny FuFuu (Tresh) 0/1/5.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Olaf) 0/1/4, Santorin (Nidalee) 0/1/5, Bjergsen (Lulu) 4/1/3, WildTurtle (Sivir) 2/0/5, and Lustboy (Braum) 2/2/4.

          Winner: TSM – It was a pretty close game all around from both teams with TSM leading the charge, but Gravity was able to pick up the extra pieces (objectives) on the map that TSM felt they weren’t able to get themselves due to small mis-plays. However in the end TSM was able to win a good team fight and win the game.

Game 2

          Gravity – Champions played; Hauntzer (Shen) 2/0/16, Move (Elise) 5/0/8, Keane (Urgot) 4/1/8, Altec (Tristana) 7/0/7, Bunny FuFuu (Braum) 1/1/13.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Olaf) 0/5/2, Santorin (Nidalee) 0/3/2, Bjergsen (Orianna) 2/3/0, WildTurtle (Corki) 0/2/2, and Lustboy (Tresh) 0/6/2.

          Winner: Gravity – An odd draft phase from TSM picking up the Corki instead of Sivir. But despite what the kill numbers would indicate this was actually a pretty close game as TSM were always around within 1-2k gold of Gravity, especially after a great Baron steal by Santorin. But Gravity definitely had the better team fighting comp and was able to secure a lot of objectives which ultimately lead them to winning the game.

Game 3

          Gravity – Champions played; Hauntzer (Maokai) 0/5/3, Move (Elise) 0/4/3, Keane (Orianna) 2/3/1, Altec (Ashe) 1/2/3, Bunny FuFuu (Alistar) 1/4/1.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Olaf) 7/1/5, Santorin (Nidalee) 2/2/10, Bjergsen (Lulu) 3/0/12, WildTurtle (Jinx) 5/0/10, and Lustboy (Tresh) 1/1/9.

          Winner: TSM – Last match Gravity played their game of the series and TSM their worst, now this match those roles were swapped. For one TSM banned the Shen, and TSM was completely able to steam roll over Gravity, being so far ahead that even a five man shockwave from Keane on Orianna only resulted in the death of the support of TSM, Lustboy.

Game 4

          Gravity – Champions played; Hauntzer (Shen) 0/3/0, Move (Evelynn) 0/5/0, Keane (Urgot) 0/2/1, Altec (Tristana) 2/2/0, Bunny FuFuu (Janna) 0/2/1.

          TSM – Champions played; Dyrus (Gnar) 5/0/5, Santorin (Elise) 2/1/9, Bjergsen (Ahri) 4/0/9, WildTurtle (Sivir) 3/1/7, and Lustboy (Alistar) 0/0/8.

          Winner: TSM – Ok a lot of things happened in this match, Gravity went back to old favorites Shen, Urgot and Tristana. But Hauntzer and Move were completely shut-down not even being able to even get a single assist all game. As for TSM, Bjergsen was able to pick up Ahri, a champion that Gravity had previously banned against him in both games 1 and 2, but no longer felt the need to ban it. And Dyrus on his Gnar was nigh unstoppable, TSM said they were going to go back to the old TSM and they definitely have. TSM win the series 3-1, and will go on to face Team Liquid in the semifinals.


Now that the NA LCS Quarterfinals are over, here is a look at the playoff bracket in NA to see how things are shaping up.

NA LCS playoff bracket

And this week’s featured match-up is game 4 of Gravity and TSM, where it was the Dyrus show, as he ended up having some great plays on his Gnar and had a great series all together, making him a big part of TSM getting to the semifinals. Enjoy!

And that wraps up the Quarterfinals of the League of Legends summer playoffs. Thanks for reading guys and gals, and as always, see you next time!!

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