iLikeMoney (or, How I Almost Died on a Game Show) currently in need of support on Greenlight

Based out of Minnesota, Oointah is a video game company currently running a Steam Greenlight Campaign for their Independant game iLikeMoney. iLikeMoney is a action/twitch/strategy/tower defense droid-manager game set in the 26th Century, inspired by the 2006 movie Idiocracy, which is directed by Mike Judge of Beavis And Butthead fame, iLikeMoney is full of pop culture references from popular games, movies, and TV shows.


In iLikeMoney players have been sentenced to death, yet have one last shot to save themselves on the fictional TV show called iLikeMoney. Players start with only a couple of stupid droids to help out, yet collect and build an army 10 different cheap-@ss droids, place 10 wtf-defenses and spank the enemy through reaction, skill and upgrades.

  • Blast through 50 challenges of rehabilitation; cause destruction, fight for survival and attempt to win it big for leaderboard glory.
  • High-resolution glory. Up to 1920 x 1080 running at 60FPS.
  • Build your own challenges with an editor included within the game, share challenges and beat your buds.


iLikeMoney is currently deep into it’s beta with Oointah close to being 100% done with the game, plan to release the game in October, head over to their Steam Greenlight page and show them your support today.

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