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Goetia to be the first game published under the Square Enix Collective

Point-and-click mystery adventure Goetia will be the first game to be published under the Square Enix Collective banner, and will be available to play at the Square Enix booth during Paris Games Week.

The game is being developed by France-based Sushee and was initially uploaded onto the Collective Feedback platform in 2014, gaining an excellent 90% Yes vote ratio. The project was also supported via Collective through its Kickstarter campaign, which succeeded in hitting its $30,000 target in February this year.

The game will launch on Steam in early 2016, and challenge gamers to discover why Abigail Blackwood finds herself raised as a ghost to haunt her deserted former home – Blackwood Manor.


“I’m delighted to reveal the first of a number of projects we’ll be publishing through Square Enix Collective in the coming months and years,” said the initiative’s creator and project lead, Phil Elliott. “Over the past two years we’ve met and worked with a large number of talented teams, and learned a great deal in the process – to help give some of those projects the best possible launch is the next exciting milestone for us here.”

“It’s a great opportunity for Sushee and for Goetia, to be able to access such fantastic resources and expertise while still retaining complete control over our own destiny,” added Benjamin Anseaume, producer at Sushee. “We’ve enjoyed working with Phil and the team over the past year, and we’re really happy to be continuing that relationship all the way to launch.”

Find out more about Goetia on the official website.

The final game to be published under the Square Enix Collective will be Pankapu, a colourful Side-scrolling platformer is being created by Too Kind Studio, who are also from France.

With a deep story and striking visual style, Pankapu tells the story of a shadow warrior travelling across the oneiric world Omnia, striking down the nightmares that are trying to invade humanity.


Pankapu will begin a Kickstarter Campaign on the 27th of October.

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