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Goat Simulator Coming to Xbox One Tomorrow

We thought they were kidding, apparently not, Goat Simulator will be released on the Xbox One tomorrow (April 17th, 2015) for $9.99 or your regions equivalent.

Double Eleven and Coffee Stain Studios were over the moon with the news and released a statement:

We’re not quite sure how we made it to this point, about to release on Xbox One and Xbox 360, but as the saying goes ‘if you don’t want to know the answer to a question, don’t ask!’ So on that note, woo hoo!

People asked Double Eleven what’s so special about the Xbox editions of Goat Simulator? and they felt that they owed it to the Xbox community to give a robust response.

The PC version melted the best gaming rigs out there with its bugs, crashes and well… sheer resource needed to power the goat simulation technology for just one goat. So the answer is in short that it actually works, and with more than one goat! It may “crash”, you may “fall out of the world” but that’s part of the fun and in the end we got it to stop tinkering with the saved games of other titles installed on the same Xbox console so that’s a win. Thanks to some of the best technologists working on these Xbox editions we managed to get two goats running at the same time on Xbox 360 and with the mighty power of Xbox One we were able to get four (Quad) goats!

Look out for our Goat Simulator review with plenty of bad puns, later today.

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