Evolve reveal E3 Line Up

Evolve PR have announced the Game Studios they will be representing at this years E3 Event and a whole list of games that will be part of this years Expo.

Here is a list of the Studios they will be representing at E3.

  • Bossa Studios
  • City Interactive
  • Clever Plays
  • Focus Home Interactive
  • Frictional Games
  • Hinterland Studio
  • Larian Studios
  • Team17
  • Willy Chyr


Here is a list of games that will definitely appear at E3

Clever Plays

Leap Of Fate which is a hardcore action game in which you play a powerful mage facing a twisted version of reality. Do you have the skills needed to survive the trials, and forge yourself a new fate?

Focus Home Entertainment 

Space Hulk: Deathwing (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – trailer
Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (PC) – trailer
The Technomancer (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – website

They will also be showcasing

Divinity: Original Sin – Enhanced Edition (PS4, Xbox One) (with Larian Studios) – reveal trailer | PC launch trailer 

Blood Bowl II (PC, PS4, Xbox One) – latest video

Get your hands-on of this highly-anticipated sequel, bringing football and orcs together at last! In tactical, turn-based play, that is. The game is much improved in nearly every way when compared to the first game, and it’s getting closer to launch. 

Frictional Games


After titles like Amnesia, it’s clear that the folks at Frictional are pretty damn amazing at creeping people out, and they aren’t about to stop with SOMA. Pathos-2 has gone dark. Reports of unexplainable phenomena erupt throughout the facility, and the machines are becoming…like us. Space is very limited, though it will be playable without appointments at the PlayStation booth

Team 17

The famed developer will be showcasing three titles per appointment from its growing indie-publishing label, including:
Beyond Eyes – Experience the world through the perceptions of Rae, a 10 year-old blind girl. [trailer]
Penarium – Help Willy survive a sinister circus of platforming mayhem and return to his family. [older trailer]
– Sheltered (first playable) – One family, one bunker, and a world in ruins. Stay alive. [teaser trailer]

Willy Chyr

RELATIVITY (PC, PS4, Mac, Linux)

Toss aside your preconceptions about the laws of physics. In Relativity, gravity is but a plaything. Walls, ceilings, floors – such designations have no meaning in this Escher-esque world. It looks incredible… just check out the official site for evidence.

E3 will take place between June the 16th and 18th at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

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