Evolve Jack DLC Screenshots released

New screenshots have emerged for Evolves season 2 downloadable content ‘Jack’, Often referring to himself as “The Jackal”, Jack has great intelligence and engineering ability that Matthew, the game’s head writer, has referred to as “an almost mystical affinity for machines.” Jack has managed to survive on Shear through the usage of technology he made from Shear’s scrapyards. For as-of-yet-unknown reasons, he likes to refer to himself as “The Jackal” in a superhero-like persona.

Jack’s weapons include Dual Pistols that come in the form of two sets of energy pistols. While reloading he is actually swapping the current set of pistols out and placing them in the recharge holster. A Repulsor which fires a force-field that can stop monsters dead in their tracks, appearing to snap to monsters. It can stop a Goliath’s charge, and both hold a Kraken at bay during an aftershock or push it toward the ground if angled properly. Considered to be the opposite of Griffin Hallsey’s Harpoon gun. The harpoon gun stops a monster from running away, while the Repulsion Field stops a monster from running at the Hunters. It does not push the monster away from Jack, even if the monster is standing still, nor would the monster move faster if it moved the opposite direction of the beam.

Finally Jack has a Survey Satellite, a spike that sends lasers out in all directions. It detects monsters, footprints, and elite wildlife.

Evolve’s ‘Jack’ DLC is available to purchase now.

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    Give me DLC that removes the Wraith from the game and I’ll start playing again. haha.
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    • Daniel Pitt

      Thanks, we’ve wanted it for a while, just had to configure it 🙂