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Dragon Quest Builders new information and screenshots released

Square Enix have released new information and screenshots for Dragon Quest Builders, which is set to release in Japan on January the 28th for the Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PS Vita.

Dragon Quest Builders is a “Block-making RPG,” which is the first of its kind. In it, everything you see can be turned into raw materials, which can be used to make a variety of items, and demolish, build, and remodel towns. It is a Sandbox-style game where players can act on their own accord, while at the same time possessing the story and RPG elements that the Dragon Quest series is known for.

To revive a desolated world and the towns once home to the people, the game’s protagonist must use his special power to rebuild. Three different elements will be required to do this:


  • You’ll need materials in order to build, which you can collect by breaking terrain or defeating monsters.


  • Some of the materials you acquire will be ready to use from the get-go, but by applying some additional treatment, you can create entirely new items.


  • With your created items in hand, you can start constructing buildings.

As well as the three C’s players also have,


  • Items known as a “Blueprints” let anyone put together a building easily according to what’s outlined in the design. Of course, you’re not limited to Blueprints—you can also freely create buildings to your own liking.


  • In the world ruled by the Dragonlord, a number of monsters are wandering the field. Monsters that appeared in Dragon Quest I will appear, of course, but so will monsters from across the series. This includes Slimes, Ghosts, Bunicorns, and so on. Monsters might also try to prevent your reconstruction of a town through monster raids.

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