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Divinity Original Sin: Enhanced Edition Pre Order Bonus Content Revealed

Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition launches on the 27th of October for the Xbox One and Playstation 4 anbd players who Pre Order the game through the Xbox and Playstation store will receive additional content which comes in the form of the “Last Trick Bag” which contains many useful items, such as also the “White Dragon Magic Wand” – one of the new weapons for the new fighting styles in the Enhanced Edition Wizard. This unique collection contains the following items:

  • Grumios backpack
  • Pamphlet with recipes
  • 3 x Grumio’s Petrol Brand Dye
  • 2 x Grenades ingredients
  • 1 x Inert Wand With these ingredients, you can create: – Breaching Fire grenade – Silver Dragon wand

PlayStation 4 owners can look forward to the “Secret Trick Bag”, while the Xbox One owner “Forgotten Trick Bag” can call their own. Divinity Original Sin – Enhanced Edition will be released on October 27 for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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