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Devs discuss Homefront The Revolution and In Game Zones

During the EGX Expo being held in Birmingham, England, Deepsilver Dambusters Narrative Designer CJ Kershner and Community Manager Craig Turner took to the stage to talk about rebooting the Homefront series and the various Zones within the open world game.

CJ, Narrative Designer: “The original Homefront offered players a really compelling fantasy but perhaps failed to fully execute on it, people got attracted to the idea of playing as a Guerilla Fighter and ended up in a linear scripted corridor shooter. When we started developing the game it was intended to be a direct sequel to the original Homefront, there’s a reason we don’t call it Homefront 2, but Homefront Revolution. When we acquired the I.P and became masters of our own destiny, we went back to the drawing board”.

Homefront The Revolution

“We decided to make it open world, heavily systemic, given the setting, the story and the types of gameplay that we wanted to feature, it just made more sense. And so we’ve taken all the expertise from working on all of those games over the past few years, rolled it into one. I think it’s our best yet”.

Craig, Community Manager: “We have three different zones, there are multiple zones for each area and we start off with the Green Zone. The Green Zones are basically areas that have been untouched and kept as they originally were, they are also home to some of the more popular landmarks in Philadelphia, for example the Independence Hall, the administration and the security is tight there obviously. It’s the main proving ground for KPA and it’s heavily guarded, there are lots of spotlights and a lot of heavy weaponry”.

Green Zone
Green Zone

CJ: “The Yellow zones however are where the other civilians live, it’s where they have been corralled into by the Occupation. They live under a state of constant surveillance, so there’s security cameras on the corners of every building and propaganda broadcasts that hang over the streets and just broadcast 24 hours a day, its where you also see the life of the City, really in full focus. People are collecting rainwater out of their gutters, they’re growing crops on their back porch, they’re scavenging in garbage bins for little bits and pieces of electronics that they can sell and they all come together in little market areas, where you can walk through and stop and take in the world around you.

There are also heavy security measures in place, you have a lot of street police patrols, there are regular pat-downs, those KPA broadcasts are often about curfew being in effect so if you’re out after dark, it’s not a great thing to do”.

Yellow Zone
Yellow Zone

“Lastly we have the Red Zones, the Red Zones are completely off limits to civilians, they are bombed out wastelands on the outskirts of the City and KPA orders are to shoot on sight. So in a Yellow Zone, when you’re walking down a street if you are spotted they might approach you to sort of investigate further, here they will just open fire.

There’s no need for surveillance, it’s just full on military patrols, scanner drones but this is also really where our Guerilla fantasy comes into the for, it’s where we get the combat Sandbox that uses all of our interesting weapons and tools and attachments to really bring home that feeling of fighting a numerically and technologically superior opponent on your own territory”.

Red Zone
Red Zone

Homefront currently does not have a confirmed release date but is expected sometime in 2016 for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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