Crytek Discuss VR, Inspiration And Dinosaurs For Robinson: The Journey

Crytek has today begun a new series of developer diary videos for its virtual reality adventure game Robinson: The Journey, coming to PlayStation VR and PC.

The new video series begins inside Senckenberg Natural History Museum in Frankfurt, with members of the game’s development team discussing virtual reality along with the games inspiration and of course, its dinosaurs.

Robinson: The Journey was built from the ground up for VR, with the team citing the possibilities that VR offers as the main key to driving the studio’s development choices while creating the first person sci-fi adventure game. “It ticks off all the sci-fi boxes,” said Producer Elijah Freeman, producer for Crytek’s other VR project The Climb. “It has an alien planet, dinosaurs, and robots. You can’t get a better game than that”.

Crytek confirmed Robinson as a timed exclusive for PSVR, with a PC release arriving at a later date. Robinson: The Journey has no confirmed release date but is expected to be available late 2016.

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