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Conker arrives for Project Spark

Conker arrives today for Project Spark with 10 community created levels, an hour episodic experience, 378 conker in-game assets and a new playable hero.

“Conker’s Big Reunion and the Conker Creation Pack are finally here, ready to launch, ready to inspire creativity. It’s been a long journey and a journey far too fun for our entire team. We have immense care and reverence for this iconic squirrel and we hope it shows in what we deliver.”

“Conker’s Big Reunion will be a testament to how powerful the Project Spark tools can be. And for Conker fans, we hope it feels like the real deal, a real homage to Conker. Regardless of what’s in store for Conker outside of Project Spark, we wanted to make sure that in our engine we presented him with a game that felt above all else like Conker.”

Check out this video for the community games below

To check out all the details for the community games click here

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