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Color Guardians receives a new update and a 50% discount

Fair Play labs have released an update which fixes a few issues gamers experienced while playing the game. 

The update is available for the Steam platform (Mac and PCs), PlayStation 4 and PSVita. Includes a tweaked Final Boss fight, minor bug fixes and a new gameplay mode option.
“We have responded to our fans feedback, and decided to work on this HUGE update based on their opinions. Our goal at Fair Play Labs during Color Guardians development was to have a challenging side-scrolling action game and we accomplished it, but may have made some levels too difficult.  With this update, gamers can decide how big they want the challenge to be!” said Claudio Pinto, CEO of Fair Play Labs.

Color Guardians fans may decide whether to play in Normal (new option) or Expert Mode. In Normal settings, the player will have a more casual gameplay experience, and they are able to switch modes at any level.
Update specifications:

  • Normal / Expert mode: Color Guardian’s players can decide in which mode they prefer to play.
  • More casual experience: Playing in the new Normal mode, players will encounter a more casual experience. There is always a challenge, but quite easier for those who just want to have fun.
  • Boss fight tweaked: We heard our fans feedback about the Boss final fight so we improved it in order to meet their expectations.

Color Guardians new update also includes a 50% off discount for PS4 and PSVita. You can download it for only $7.49 The sale will run until the 4th September. Gamers who aren’t sure whether they want to try it can download a free demo of the game on Steam and Playstation. You can play as Rod and experience the craziness of Color Guardians in a small dose.The demo features 5 different and crazy environments, including Windmill breezes, Crystal Caves, and Dark Fort.

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