Bloodborne creators saved 20 Months of Production using Simplygon

From Software, the creators of Bloodborne have today announced that Simplygon was used during the creation of the PlayStation 4 exclusive title. Simplygon are the leading providers of automatic 3D optimization solutions for digital content creation. Over the course of Bloodborne’s production, Simplygon was used to process around 10,000 models, including test data while delivering Level of Detail (LoD) models that optimized the polygon counts to help deliver a stunning visual experience.

From Software’s Development Team had this to say regarding the use of Simplygon while making Bloodborne,

“Simplygon saved the labor equivalent of 20 man months, or in other words, an entire dedicated production team member for the duration of the production,The benefits are clear as we used the tool to reduce polygons in about 10,000 models ranging from 1,000 to 200,000 polygons. The best result is that players can’t see the reduction because the models keep their fidelity at all distances which keeps the players immersed.”

Martin Ekdal, Co-founder and Vice President of Business Development at Simplygon followed up with this statement,

“FromSoftware are legends in the games industry and over the past three decades have been at the forefront of high quality games that truly excite players through their gameplay and visuals, with Simplygon we’re enabling creators to focus more on the creative parts of development while we automate multiple production processes and improve the performance.”

Bloodborne passed the 1m sales mark in under two weeks after it’s launch on the Playstation 4 in March 2015.

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