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Beat Em Up title Night City Assault begins Kickstarter Campaign

Xtra Mile Games have taken to Kickstarter to obtain funding for their Beat Em Up/RPG title, Night City Assault. The development team from the Gold Coast in Australia are looking to raise $26,290 in the next 28 days. 

Night City Assault takes the sprite based beat ’em up and invigorates it by adding RPG mechanics, a more robust fighting engine, Metroidvania style exploration and mission based campaign to create something unique, fun and engaging. You’ll play as detective Roy Silver or officer Cindy Chan – or both in co-op mode. Recently transferred Roy and new recruit Cindy find themselves stuck in an area of the city overrun by a syndicate, led by a man named Viper. While you wait for backup to arrive, you have no choice but to fight your way through and find out what is really going on in this out of control city. Action, suspense and drama!

Night City Assault Features include;

  • Story-based campaign mode (single player or 2-player cooperative)
  • Large levels to explore and brawl in
  • Missions provided by citizens in distress
  • 20+ unique enemies and bosses
  • Freedom to move around levels and enter open buildings
  • RPG-style level-up and experience points system
  • On screen text for dialogue and some in-game cutscenes
  • Collectible 80’s nostalgia items for extra rewards
  • Unlock new moves and abilities
  • Multiple colour palette variations for enemies
  • Weapons system that allows weapons to be picked up, equip or stored
  • Unity game engine for easier porting to platforms

Night City Assault is expected to launch on the PC, Mac and Linux in 2016 with Xbox One, Playstation 4 planned and PS Vita and Wii-U to be announced.

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