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Battlefield Hardline ‘Betrayal’ expansion brings new maps and material in March

Electronic Arts and developers DICE have today revealed the next DLC content to drop for Battlefield Hardline will be titled ‘Betrayal’, which will be available in March for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

“So, it’s all come down to this. You’ve assembled a crew, pulled off the perfect heist, and made a whirlwind escape from the police. Now, there are enemies lurking in the frozen shadows, dark figures hiding behind crumbling mausoleums, and confrontations brewing in back alleys and federal prisons.”

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal launches this March 2016, bringing new maps, weapons, vehicles, and more with it.

Here’s what’s in store for owners of Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal…

Four intricate maps: Alcatraz, Cemetery, Chinatown, and Thin Ice
– 7 new weapons
– 2 new vehicles
– Customise primary weapons and uniforms with the Gun Bench Super Feature, and test them at the Gun Range
– New Assignments and Legendary weapon camos

In addition to the new content being made available, all users will receive a base game update that includes 11 new weapons and new server presets. After the update, every Gold Battlepack you open may also contain a weapon license voucher – a Distinguished class item that unlocks an entire weapon license. Check the forums when the update is released for our official patch notes to learn all about the stability and usability improvements that will be included in this upcoming release.

Battlefield Hardline: Betrayal is bursting with new experiences, whether you enjoy customising your weapons and uniforms with the Gun Bench or engaging in gunfights in one of America’s most legendary Prisons, Alcatraz, ‘Betrayal’ has it all and a whole lot more.

Betrayal will be available for Battlefield Hardline Premium members in March 2016.

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