‘Battlefield 1’ image on Xbox One Dashboard Confirms WW1 setting

A new image appearing on the Xbox One dashboard appears to have all but confirmed the setting for the next Battlefield title. The image appears to be of a soldier from World War 1 holding a Mauser C96 WW1 service pistol whilst a zeppelin flies overhead in the background. The soldier also appears to be holding a trench club from WW1 in his left hand, while a rifle or shotgun hangs off the soldiers right side.

A short while ago, a new image appeared via Reddit which might offer us more information on the possible title of the new Battlefield game. The image shows the same soldier in the same pose, but with the title ‘Battlefield 1’ upon it, you can view the image below.


Electronic Arts and developers, DICE will reveal the latest Battlefield title with a trailer and live streams in just a few short hours at a live premiere, starting at 9PM BST.

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