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7 Reasons to be excited for Just Cause 3

Developed by Avalanche Studios and published by Square Enix, Just Cause 3 is set to launch on December 1st for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC. The third instalment in the series is set years after Just Cause 2 and sees the games protagonist Rico Rodriguez leave The Agency and return to his home, Medici, a fictional island set in the Mediterranean. Medici is under the control of evil dictator General Di Ravello and Rico will have to be at his very best to put a stop to Ravello’s plans to take over the world.

Just Cause 3 will be the popular series debut on the current gen consoles with previous title Just Cause 2, releasing five years ago for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. Just Cause 3 will no doubt see out 2015 with a rather large explosive bang, but what should players look out for in the highly anticipated latest instalment. Below are 7 reasons Just Cause 3 will be one of the years biggest titles.


– Wingsuit: Avalanche have made a step up from previous titles and are no longer confining Rico to just the Parachute by introducing the Wingsuit. A set of small wings attached to Rico’s clothing allow for Rico to glide gracefully through the air while skydiving through the world. While skydiving, players are already gliding forward, however the wingsuit enhances this motion and allows for completely horizontal movement. The use of the games wingsuit will also allow players to move faster in the air, as opposed to the slow yet stable parachute of previous titles. The ability to switch between the games grapple, wingsuit and parachute should be relatively easy, making Just Cause 3 a more enjoyable experience all round.


– Retractable Multi Tether: For me, the grappling hook from previous games helped to really make the game and with Just Cause 3 is no different. The ability to tether random objects to cause mass destruction across the large scale open world of Medici has to be one of the key features of Just Cause 3. The feature has been massively improved for the latest game, with up to six retractable tethers now available for Rico, all within the quick flick of a button. This feature will surely bring out the destructive creativity within players and make some of the games finer moments.


– Air Drop Delivery: Improving on the system from Just Cause 2, Just Cause 3’s Air Drop Delivery system will see Rico able to call in a whole manner of different Vehicles and Weapons to his location, no matter where in the world he is and all within seconds of making the call. As well as being able to call in a drop of various Weapons, Rico will also be able to call for Boats and Planes whenever the need arises. 

– Vehicle Modifications: In Just Cause 2, Modders were able to pick apart the game, in the process creating Vehicles, Custom Skins, Maps and even a Multiplayer Server. Avalanche Studios always listen to the gaming community and this time around have added Vehicle Mods for Just Cause 3, which will allow players to customise certain aspects of vehicles from the menu. Players will be able to add and remove special features such as Nitrous Turbo Jump and Vehicle Detection as and when they please. The new vehicle modification system is sure to please most fans.

Designer Francesco Antolini said,

[box type=”shadow” align=”aligncenter” class=”” width=””]“I want to make a Just Cause that not only will players enjoy playing, but players will enjoy modifying and creating new stuff on top of it.”[/box]


– Free Form: One of the greatest stand-out features of Just Cause is undoubtedly the ability to surf the games Vehicles at will, using them as a platform to create some of the games greatest action based moments. In Just Cause 3 players will be able to not only surf Cars but Planes in mid air and Boats, which will surely see the action ramped up even higher then before, this new ability coupled with the explosive nature of the series will no doubt make for some outstanding and exhilarating moments.


– Breathtaking Explosions: It simply wouldn’t be a Just Cause game without a magnitude of wonderful explosions, the spectacular explosions in Just Cause help to set the series aside from other titles of a similar nature, this time around Avalanche Studios have taken that element to a whole new level. Not only are the in game explosions a whole lot bigger, badder and better then ever before, as viewers will have no doubt seen from the recent developer diaries, they now appear to have an epicentre that starts the explosion off sending out vast shock-waves in all directions from them. These moments will cause utter devastation and destruction in an environment designed to be brought to it’s very knees.


– Beautifully Scenic Wide Open World: It’s not simply enough to have all of the above elements without having a stunning wide open world in which to use them in, at 400 square miles the Mediterranean island of Medici has all the right attributes to make Just Cause 3 a truly amazing experience. Complete with magnificent large scale mountains, a beautiful blue ocean, huge caves to explore and forest, plus a whole lot more. Medici might be one of the greatest settings for any game and is certainly one of the key factors in making Just Cause 3 an all round amazing experience.


Just Cause 3 launches on December 1st for the Xbox One, Playstation 4 and PC.

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