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2D Run And Gun Shooter Creepy Road Hits Kickstarter After Successful Greenlight Campaign

Russian developers, Groovy Milk have taken to Kickstarter to raise money for the independent studios debut game ‘Creepy Road’, which was recently Greenlit following a successful campaign on STEAM. Groovy Milk are looking to raise $30,000 by March 19th, 2016. Creepy Road, not to be confused with Allison Road is described as a 2D Run & Gun game with classic gameplay, funny characters and great art style.

Creepy Road’s Kickstarter Campaign has only been running a few days but has already caught the eye of the crowdfunding company with Anya Combs the Games Outreach Lead for Kickstarter stating “Creepy Road is great! We are definitely fans of the game here at Kickstarter” this was then followed by the campaign receiving the “We love this project” badge, a sure fire sign of good things to come.


Groovy Milk has already revealed a new location which is called “Town”. All arts and graphics in Creepy Road are carefully handcrafted. Players will have a chance to survive at a crazy Circus, visit Gas station and pass through a burning Airplane, have fun at a Fair and by all means a classic run&gun can’t do without city sewers. Many more colorful and dangerous places are scheduled to make gamers’ journey exciting, bloody and good-looking.

Creepy Roads features will include,

  • Coop mode lovers are welcome! – Players will have a chance to play a PC or console version of the game together with their friends. Second playable character is being done. So stay tuned!
  • More animation? Yes, please! –Graphics is one of the distinguishing features of the game. We would like to add more motion videos revealing the story behind the game.
  • Flint will not only run and shoot! – We’ll provide Flint with alternative means of transport – from bikes to aircrafts of all forms and equipment!
  • Secret hidden levels are never enough! – Creepy Road is far from being boring. We plan to create additional non-linear levels and secret locations with some exclusive loot!
  • Who ordered one more Hero? – We will also give players a chance to beat the game with another character. Say a motorcycling bear or a crazy bunny. We really want to hear your ideas about that!

Head over to Creepy Roads Kickstarter Page today to find out more about the game and show your support

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