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Meet Kairi Nunjutsu

Every Sunday we interview an Xbox Gamer to find out what interests them in the diverse world of gaming. 

Today’s interview will be with Kairi aka Kairi Nunjutsu, so let’s begin with a bit about you.

Kairi: – My name is Kairi and I am from Scotland, between Glasgow and Edinburgh. I’m 24 years old or should I say level 24, I level up on April 24th. XD I currently stay at home with my Mum, Dad and older Brother. But I will be moving out with my Fiance at some point. I have a 7 year old daughter named Elizabeth. Who is one of the main people in my life and also loves to game as well. She has claimed my old Gameboy colour with Pokemon Yellow.

Ed: Oooh, to be under 25 again, I also have two mini-gamers in the making.  So do you have any other passions besides gaming?

Kairi: Art

Ed: There’s a story behind every gamertag or a bot that created it for you, why did you choose yours?

Kairi: Well the first part of my gamertag is my name.. The second was actually a joke me and my friend had. We both like Naruto and kept making jokes about me being a nun.. so Kairi Nunjutsu was born.

Ed: So what consoles do you currently own?
Kairi: I currently have set up my PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

I also have my old Gameboy Colour.. I used to have a PSP and my daughter has a Nintendo DS

I also have all my old consoles safely stored away i.e my old playstations etc

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Ed: What’s your first gaming memory ? 

Kairi: I was around at my uncles house and I got to play “Oh mummy” on the Amstrad. 

I was so addicted to that game. I played it every time we went to visit.

Ed: What was the last game you stayed up all night to play?

Kairi: That would be Brothers A tale of two Sons. I tried it out last night and before I knew it.. It was 5:30am and i’d completed the game.

Ed: Yeah, that was a pretty amazing game, short and sad. What is your favourite game Series/Franchise?

Kairi: Tomb Raider has always been my favourite game series. I have played every Tomb Raider game that has came out.

Ed: Who is your favourite Character?  

Kairi: Lara Croft


Ed: You have earned a lot of achievements, what was the first one you unlocked?

Kairi: My first achievement was earned on GRAW Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter and it was Team Player (Multiplayer) – Won 30 Co-op matches with at least 6 gamertags in room. For 15G

Ed: Do achievements matter to you?

Kairi: To me yes, for the main reason.. When i play a game..No matter the difficulty it doesn’t seem to last to long. However when achievement hunting it gives more to the experience and lengthens the time you spend on that game. Personally for me that makes the game a little more worthwhile.

Ed: Achievements and fun aside, why do you play video games?

Kairi: That’s a good question.. I have had a lot of health problems from when I was younger so I wasn’t allowed to go out apart from the doctors and school. So the only real thing I had for to do was play video games. For me it’s a kind of escape.. I love losing myself in the stories that each campaign has. Also thanks to more recent gaming advancements from when I was younger you can also play either against or with new people. I love the experience and it’s always been apart of my life.. So I’m not inclined to let it go… That why I play video games.. It’s an escape from reality and who doesn’t love getting to immerse  themselves in endless stories that allow the imagination to run wild and also to keep you on your toes.

Ed: I definitely understand that, games are great for escaping all your troubles. Do you like to challenge yourself or do you prefer a more story-driven experience?

Kairi: Well for me I love the challenge and the story. I will always kick off a game on the hardest difficulty, mainly because it forces me to go slower which then allows me to explore and take in the game more. I find if a game is too easy and a breeze, I lose interest very fast.

Ed: Are you normally found hiding in darkness (or bushes)  ready to stealth kill your enemy or do you prefer to go in all guns blazing?

Kairi: Lol..for that it depends on my mood but I also have an alternate ego with a joke i call myself Ninja Pickle when playing at stealth missions

Ed: Do you prefer to get lost in a game and play single player or a more co-op/multiplayer experience?

Kairi: For me it will always be singleplayer. I grew up with singleplayer games so it has stuck.

For me it is what makes a game.. The online experience will always change and also depend on who you are playing with or against.. Where as you can get a grasp of the game from the singleplayer which doesn’t change. For me it is a make or break in a game.. The online could be amazing but I will only hold it to it’s singleplayer.

Don’t get me wrong I love playing with friends.. But I also love just having some me time to play where I can let loose.

Ed: Are there any games you play with on a regular basis, when did you start playing them and what do you play?

Kairi: Ohh good question. I love playing minecraft for when I want to relax..I started playing it on the 360 when it was first released  then I moved onto playing it on the PC and now Xbox One. Also Metro.. My fiance got me the Metro Redux bundle as an early valentines present and I love it. I played both Metro 2033 and Last Light on the 360 and I got very addicted to them. Now having a chance to relive it on the Xbox One is amazing since it’s been almost 5 years since I played 2033. I also play a lot of Nazi Zombies on Cod and now on Advanced Warfare.. I just love the challenge to see how far I can go and keep getting better.  This may not seem like being on a regular basis but considering how many games I play and have played. A lot I don’t go back to.. There are others but it would take a long time to list them all.


Ed: Having recently completed Metro Redux, I share your love for them. What are you currently playing and what are your thoughts on it?

Kairi: Being in true spirit… I usually have about 3-4 games I’m playing at the one time. Just now I’m working on Metro 2033 Redux and I am loving it.. It brings back so many memories yet I have noticed a few changes. I love the concept of Metro and it’s a game I feel comfortable in. With the option to sneak through areas unnoticed or to run in guns blazing. I like that.. It gives you a sense of freedom and choice in the game while a lot of games just seem to shepherd you.

I am also working on The Evil Within.. Which I love.. for me it has a little bit of the old school feel whilst also kicking it up a notch. It may just be me because I have a place in my heart for horror games and movies. Personally enjoying the experience. It has it’s own challenge about it. Over all enjoying the experience and the gore. Easy to control and good story to it. Visually pleasing as well. Or that may just be my sadistic side.

Ed: *Backs away slowly* Any games you thought were going to be great but turned out to be a huge disappointment?

Kairi: Duke Nukem Forever.. I don’t think I need any explanation as to why. I played the series when I was little, so when I heard they were making a new one, I think like many others..It was exciting and ended up just being a complete let down. But that is my personal opinion. I played through the entire game as I wanted to at least give it one run through. It was a good game but to be put under the Nukem series.. No.

Ed: Any underrated games you would recommend?

Kairi: Grey Matter, Alan Wake, I am Alive, Singularity, Turning Point, Legendary, TimeShift, Enchanted Arms and The Saboteur.  These are just a few of the many I would suggest. To me they were underrated and for the enjoyment and experience you will get for them. Yeah, they should have got a lot more.

Ed: There are some amazing games out there, what games do you wish would release a sequel?

Kairi: Hmm there are a lot of games I would love to see a sequel for.. But at the same time. I wouldn’t want a sequel for them. Most of the time nothing can compare to the original.

But if I had to choose after saying that. That I would absolutely love to see a sequel for. It would be The Last Of Us. It’s an amazing game and I am hoping there will be another. Just to see what happens. especially after how they ended it. Also Alan Wake. I know there was a arcade game made after it but I think they could have done more. Those are the two I would most love to see have a sequel and another chance to dive into their worlds with a whole new experience.


Ed: Do you like to create gaming goals for yourself, if yes what are they?

Kairi: Yes I do.. I can be very goal orientated. Especially with gamerscore. But I do actually have a new goal which is to reach the 200k Gamerscore mark by the end of this year.

Ed: If you were in a Zombie Apocalypse, which three game characters would you want protecting you and why?

Kairi: Hmm that is a difficult one..Marcus Fenix from Gears of War. – Main reason.. is the simple fact he is a badass and also the comments he comes out with would lighten the mood somewhat.

Max from Sam & Max Save the world – Who wouldn’t want a demented rabbit who can defy the laws of almost everything on your side. Plus it would make for a more enjoyable end of the world.

Naughty Bear from..well Naughty Bear – Who doesn’t want a psychotic teddy bear on hand during the end of days.

My team I choose mainly for the comedy value. If i’m going to be stuck in a zombie outbreak i want to have fun while massacring everything. Plus could you imagine how much Max and Naughty Bear would wind up Marcus.. He would be that angry he’d be the perfect killing machine.


Ed: That actually sounds like a pretty fun group. Ever incited an opponent into pure rage after killing them and received any abuse online?  

Kairi: Yes I have.. quite a lot. One guy stuck in my mind though.. Can’t remember his name but how pissed he was made me laugh a little to hard. Back on MW2 when playing Team Deathmatch you had to be in game chat when playing with friends. It brought up a lot of fun times..Especially when they realise a girl is in the lobby. One guy decided to do the usual sexist routine and running his mouth of. So in the next game which was on Quarry.. i came out of the match with 29 kills and 1 death. Most of those kills were from him and the death wasn’t. He hit a whole new level of rage mode after that game and i don’t think repeating what the messages said would be appropriate.

Ed: What multiplayer game do you think you are best at, and what one do you find yourself at the bottom of the leaderboard looking up at other players (if any)

Kairi: I don’t tend to play online multiplayer these days but back when I did.. My best games would be Cod and Ace Combat 6. For being bottom of the leaderboard and not doing good.. Don’t really have any.. Back when I played online I worked to make sure I was hitting top each game. But those days are behind me now. Plus you can imagine the messages that I got on a daily basis.

Ed: Do you ever drink and game, if so what is your drink of choice?

Kairi: I don’t drink at all. Alcohol gives me really bad migraines so I avoid it. Though doesn’t stop me having a fun time.

Ed: Yeah sometimes the headache isn’t worth it. What’s your Funniest gaming moment?

Kairi: Playing Minecraft with my best friend Ashley.She made a swimming pool..2 blocks deep and a diving board that almost went to the height restriction of the map. She let me test it and it worked. I was still standing where I landed when she went up the ladder to dive off. When she did dive off I took one step back and managed to place a block directly where she was going to land. She died on impact and I ended up in a laughing fit for over an hour whilst she hunted me down.

Ed: Lol I probably would have hunted you down for that too. Thank you for joining us for our first gamer interview and sharing your gaming experiences with us.


If you would like to be featured on this page please email with your gamertag. Interviews will be every Sunday.

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