[Competition Closed] Win A Dying Light Poster Signed By Members Of Techland Team

We’ve been covering developer (and now international Publisher) Techland Games for a while now. The Dead Island, Dying Light and Call of Juarez developers have been especially pleasant to us, enthusiastically taking part in our monthly feature Developer Focus, even sending us some cool gifts including T-Shirts and posters.

Take that as disclosure if you will, but we’re mostly just showing our gifts off. Anyway, among the swag we received was this awesome The Dying Light Poster (which you can view below) and we’re giving it away to one lucky reader.


To be in with a chance of winning this utterly amazing prize and to be the envy of all your friends simply leave a comment below about Techland or its many wonderful games and in a week’s time, we’ll select one lucky reader randomly who will receive the Dying Light poster signed by a whole host of developers from Techland.

The Dying Light competition is now closed. Congratulations to Valdemar Blix Korneliussen our winner who will soon receive the fantastic prize. Thank you to everyone who entered and be sure to look out for another great prize soon.

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  • Bruce Wayne

    i personally think dead island is a brilliant game, but i do also like dying light but i havnt got to play it that much

  • OniKawazu

    Dying Light is what Dead Island wanted to be. Great game, I need to play more =D

  • Ben Harrison

    I think the idea of parkour and zombies is innovative and would love to see a sequel

  • Itss Insanity

    id really love that poster

  • L.

    Holy sweet mother of god……..

  • Shawn Sigurdson

    Dying Light is a really fun game, I enjoyed it way more than Dead Island.

  • Michael Bouwer

    Dying Light is everything a parkour zombie slasher should be. Can’t wait to see more from Techland!

  • Das Joluk

    I’m a big fan of Techland! Since 2013 when they announced Dying Light I’m a big fan of this company. I spend hundrets of hours in Dying Light and Dead Island and even in the Dying Light Developer tools where I created for example Repetition – The Horror House. After that Techland contacted me and now my game is in Dying Light! I had contact to alot of the coworkers and they are very nice people! To win this poster would mean alot for me.

  • Sonja Ze Taffer

    Techland has changed a lot for me. I’ll never be able to thank them enough for the impact they had in my life– and the impact they will continue to have. There’s no doubt I’ll continue to enjoy their games.
    Keep up the wonderful work, and I hope everyone in the Techland team knows that they are amazing.

  • Tom

    Zombie games like this are perfect training for when the zombie apocalypse begins!

  • Rasmus Valbro Højte

    Last year, Dying Light reignited my desire to play single-player games again after many years without really playing any. I’d absolutely love to have this poster to remind me of all the good times I’ve had in this game.

  • Ace Alaric

    Techland has made 3 of my favorite games, and it really makes me glad to see the work they do. Dying Light, Dead island, Call of Juarez, all amazing games made by Techland. I hope to see more amazibg and even BETTER games in the future. Good luck techland!

  • Tyler Borghardt

    Had so much fun playing sying light ive logged over 200 hours and was first on the best solo time on bozaks horde xbox one leaderboards before all kinds of hacked times took over

  • Luke Mallia

    Unlike many other developers, Techland actually seem to care about their fanbase, that being extremely evident when it comes to the amazing Dying Light. They’re a fantastically friendly company with a bunch of fantastically fun games, and a fantastically fantastic reputation to boot…
    In case you couldn’t tell, I think they’re fantastic.

  • Kjell Vanderzypen

    I just love you guys at techland, the way you guys create games, amazing!
    I’m such a fan of you guys! Imagine that poster hanging between my other zombie gama posters…

  • Adept Cerberus

    I’ve had so much fun playing Dying Light and I love the developers and the Twitter social workers. Great community, loved the game story, happy with the mechanics of combatand parkour. The interactions could have been better but they’re look over able. All round great game and the devs are awesome.
    Dead island I played a lot on the 360 and I’m getting the definitive edition next week and I’m psyched for it. I wasn’t worried for the graphics being changed I just really want to play my favourite 360 game again on next gen console. Loved the graphics in dead island, the mechanics for combat were good. Once again interactions were fine but could of been better. The best game I played on 360.
    Call of Juarez I bought but never played for some reason, maybe I was studying or something. I don’t know but it looks like a good game had great reviews and from images and gameplay I have seen it looks like a game I would have enjoyed playing but I didn’t.
    Thanks for being awesome and creating great games looking forward to future games and merchandise.

  • Valdemar Blix Korneliussen

    Dying Light was my favorite game of 2015, even beating The Witcher 3 which most people think was the best! It’s actually one of my top few favorite games of all time. The Following was equally amazing, it brought so much new cool stuff to the table while still keeping the perfect gameplay intact. It’s a really underrated game, and I feel like it didn’t get the recognition it deserved. I really hope they make a Dying Light 2, that would be incredible!
    What’s great about Techland is their interaction with the Dying Light community and the jokes they make. Like the Drink Water campaign to make fun of Destiny’s redbull campaign. Like where the power in Harran is coming from video they made, the “Welcome back, Faith” video. They’re still doing those things, and no other game development company does that! Not to mention the DLC is literally based on player feedback, the two things players wanted the most in this game was a bow and arrow, and cars, we got both!
    I really want to win this poster, and if I do I will literally have it framed and put it where everyone can see it in my house. This is a promise, and I will prove it by taking a picture and tweeting it to @DyingLightGame and @TechlandGames.

    • Daniel Pitt

      Congratulations Valdemar you are our winner and will receive the signed Dying Light poster. Can you contact us at Cherry@PressA2Join.com with your address so we can ship you your fantastic prize 🙂

      • Valdemar Blix Korneliussen

        Holy crap, I actually won! Unbelievable! I’m so grateful! I’ll go out and buy a frame as soon as I get the poster, then hang it on my wall!

  • S Herdegen

    Dying Light was an unexpectedly good game for me. When I first picked it up I was skeptical of the movement system and the story, and I thought that it would be too similar to Dead Island. I was pleased to be proven wrong. This is one of the few games that I play regularly and that I can still convince my friends to play. It’s a game where you can mess around and do nothing in particular while still feeling like you’re having a goo time. Techland did an amazing job with this game and continues to do so with the release of the DLC and updating the game to improve a variety of different things. I love this game and I am pleased that I purchased the game on release day.

  • Victoria Cordero

    When I first got introduced to Techland it was through Dead Island. I’m a lover of all things zombies so this game was just my calling. When I heard about Dying Light coming out I was even more excited due to the parkour factor. Parkour & Zombies??? My Favorite. Ive invested over 700 hours into Dying Light because this game is my absolute favorite, a #1 in my books. Now back to Techland… ive never seen developers so active in their community. One instance I can pinpoint to how interactive they are was the #Needforspeed stream on twitch. The team members at Techland seem very grateful to have such a great community and that’s what counts. The interactions that I have gotten from twitch, twitter, and even snapchat… Say a lot about the communication coming from the Techland offices. Dying Light for one has been such a great game for me I hope to get my very own zombie tattoo.

  • Ben

    That poster looks sweet.

  • chris

    you did it, you made the already flawless dead island better…… you are gods amongst men

  • @octipuff on twitter

    Glad to have found this! Honestly, it doesn’t take a contest for me to show my praise for Techland, or more specifically, Dying Light. Ever since the days Left4Dead stole my heart and directed me to the love of zombie-focused games, I’ve been craving an open world styled zombie game. Something with scavenging, exploration, quests, something not as linear as everything else coming out was. Dead Island arrived first, and I think I played that game start-to-finish over 6 times. Dead Island was good, but not quite “there” yet in terms of the type of game I yearned for. Then, I found Dying Light. I’ve played through that game also multiple times, and convinced family members and friends to get in on it, too. Having people to play with made the game immeasurably more fun!! I have to say, Dying Light is my favorite zombie game that has ever come out (and, on a downside, I will never be happy with another zombie game if it does not include parkour). Part of what made (and makes) the experience so top notch isn’t just the game itself, but the team behind it. The advertisements, the way Dying Light would squeeze into a trend like Destiny’s Redbull promotion by offering to promote water on their end (which I did!). Making the DLC 10x better than I hoped for, and honoring original pricing. In a land of false promises and micro-transactions in video games, Techland is an oasis. They’ve earned my trust and my loyalty and I will always definitely give them my attention for any future releases because of this. They’re awesome and I just wanna sing their praises any chance I get, let alone (of course) also at the opportunity for a signed poster! Take care.

  • wibley

    where do I start… Techland is on my top 3 list of best game developers ever! I mean, come on, they are awesome! They make quality games/content and they never seize to amaze me. My favorite game must be Dying light tho (obviously), it’s the only game that I really got into (I have never really cared much about the story in games, but in dying light.. wow) The game runs really smooth without any bugs or problems (That I have encountered or found bothering/gamebreaking), the concept is really amazing and just… everything is so awesome! I have played through the story multiple times alone and with friends (both the normal story and the following story) and gosh is it funny with friends, I have never played a game that much with my friends before and never had so much fun before! I could write a whole essay or something about why I love techland and dying light but I don’t have the patience for that, hahah, but long story short, I love Techland and Dying light more than I love pizza.. and that’s a LOT.

  • M Kay

    I’ve owned Dead Island and DI: Riptide and even bought them for PC when I moved over. When I got Dying Light, it was like a wet dream come true. It has the most hours of any single player game I have and I happily go back to it every weekend. Thank you, Techland, for making the premiere zombie experience.

  • SkuLL! TF2

    Done the Dead Island thing, thought it was cool. Went into Dying Light not expecting much more than “another zombie game”. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised by previously unseen level of graphics, customisation, movement and armosphere. Not to mention the exciting co-op and vs. modes, which stretch the total play time far beyond what the singleplayer campaign offers. If you’re gonna try any zombie game, Dying Light should definitely be your first choice. (Also, love the DLC – The Following!)

  • 該大衛

    Podziekowania dla Techlandu za stworzenie czegos naprawde fajnego ! 🙂

  • Seb

    Dying Light is one of those games which really snuck up on me and turned into the hands down favourite of the past year! I’ve not played Techland’s previous games but aim to work through the catalogue. Keep up the good work guys, maybe a Tolga and Fatin spin off DLC 😀

  • Palmer Leonard

    Back In the day…Playing PlayStation felt different. But then that different feeling faded away at the realese of the worst dlc of all time. I’m talking about Destiny:The taken king of coarse.I was bored for so long until I found a long forgotten game that I sucked at.It was……Dying Light. I started to play the game more and I met new friends. For about 5 months I became one of the best dying light players holding my rank at 43rd On the bozak leader boards(The first 20 scores are hacked).The following came out and when it did I got 3 snowdays.It was the greatest feeling of all time.Thank you Mother Nature :).But when it did come out I beat it within the first DAY!!!Now I’m just silently waiting for a new dlc. Ultimately dying light changed my gaming experience COMPLETLY and I have to thank all the people at techland.So that’s my story and that’s why I entered =]

  • Kenneth Pereira


  • Will

    I bought a PS4 just to play Dying Light! My friend had the game and let me play it on his PS4. I fell in love with the game and had to have it for myself! I’ve now completed Dying Light and The Following and now working on both in Hard Mode.

  • Flo

    Bought the enhanced edition recently and loved it so much I conviced my 2 brothers to buy it as well. Now we’re playing co-op as a trio and it’s the best game I bought so far. So much fun!!

  • StylishRadish

    I have spent 266 hours into dying light. I can honestly say its one of the best game I ever played <3

  • Max LaMotte

    Make a nice Comment about Dying Light…-Where do I begin?! About a year and a half ago I was Talking to my friend on Xbox, I told him I had about $42 in my wallet and I asked if he could recommend a few good games. Instantly he said “Dying Light”, I asked him about it he said he had gotten about 20% into the main games story, He then said it was probably one of the best games he has ever played. He said that it was a survival open world horror game but with zombies, I instantly fell in love, just hearing the description about it made me want to play it right away. The very next day I went to the store (with my mom coz I’m only 12 :P) and I bought it for $40, then when I heard the GameStop cashier say that they were selling the season pass for $20 I begged my Mom to get it for me coz I didn’t have enough money left over, She bought it for me and I was Excited, I mean like REEEEAAAALLLLYYY EXCITED. As soon as we got home I started to play it l, at first I thought the controls were a little…weird, not so much weird just strange (RB=Jump…???)But eventually I got used to it. Within a week I had already became better than my friend who I mentioned earlier, And in 3 months I had maxed all of my levels, finished story 100%, and gotten all achievements, after a while my friend got tired of the game-I didn’t , instead I got my younger brother to buy it and my friend Luke, we started off playing multiplayer in the slums and eventually when they were both a higher level I introduced them to old town. The first time I mentioned a Demolisher they wanted to fight one, badly. So I took them to one and let them go at it, they were doing a meh job but I had a Bozak Bow on hand just in case it got too out of hand. Then after a while when The Follow I got came out we started to play it immediately, it was fun. We would play day and night, night and day, Eventually we all maxed out our levels and now we just play for the laughs and stuff like that. Even thought there wasn’t a true reason to play it didn’t stop me and now it’s my favorite game EVER, and I played Dead Island, Any ways I just wanted to tell you my story of Dying light and how good of a game it is( I even sent a Twitter photo of a screenshot of Dying Light that I took on my Xbox to @DyingLightGame and it got retweeted and now it has like 82 likes so thx for that too 🙂 Lots of love, MaxTG102103

  • Nicky Lee

    Dying Light kept me interested even after completing the game and I really can’t say why. Then the Following came out and it’s like and entirely new game! Plus all the enhancements to the original game, outstanding!

  • Sarah Grace

    Techland Games have some of my favorite past titles. I love going back to my 360 console and play all the Call of Juarez games, fun and fast shooter. New Dying Light game has incredible graphics and looking forward to more from Techland in the future. Great giveaway guys, thanks for a chance. =) A+

  • Sofia

    I’m not one to follow specific game developers, and past Techland games never really caught my eye until I picked up Dying Light. 3 weeks ago [The SECOND summer break started], I finally bought Dying Light, as I had been watching it very carefully, waiting for the price to be just perfect. I’m all about fast-paced killing action with a story. And add some fancy parkour? You got me. I slipped that disk into my Xbox, and it has yet to be removed. Wake up at 5:30, Dying Light until midnight, repeat. I am crazy in love with this game. I can’t stop playing! I don’t even have any quests left and I’m seriously enjoying running around the unique and detailed maps and killing all those nasty infected freaks. I really enjoy the anticipation of the story, it was written so well! Apocalyptic games are always the same, but Dying Light is so different! Talk about a game with variety! And beyond the game itself, I couldn’t be more amazed at how close and how supporting Techland accociates are with fans. With social media fansites, the companion app, code dockets, and almost immediate help support, Techland surely keeps fans close. This is my first Techland game, but it surely won’t be my last. Of all the game developers I’ve encoured in my gaming years, I can surely say that right now, Techland is definetly my favorite.

  • James Bernier

    Hi I think techland is the best thing that happens to all of the dying light players. I realy hope they keep up there good work!

  • Alexander Björk

    Nice competition, been playing Dying Light for a few days thanks to the GOG sale and I’ve got to say it’s a huge step up from Dead Island, I haven’t had this fun parkouring since running atound rooftops in Mirrors Edge. Hope they develop more of this style of games, it’s a fun experience I haven’t found the likes of anywhere else.

  • Skipper

    I really hope I win. 😛

  • Andrew Willis

    Pick me pick me pick me please !!!!!

  • DoctorPurrington

    In a sea of microtransactions and repetitive gameplay, Dying Light is the lighthouse that brings us gamers safely to shore. It’s hard to find a developer who actually makes a good game anymore and doesn’t just flood it with crazy money-grubbing MTs and RNG elements. It’s like people need to be addicted to a game to have fun with it nowadays! Dying Light goes beyond that, and the Following DLC was a great addition to the game.

    I really enjoy this game, especially the “Be the Zombie” mode. Fighting off four people at once as a crazy monster? It’s a rollercoaster from start to finish. Just excellent all around!

    Can’t wait for the next iteration, but more than satiated with this one.

    And that poster would look amazing on the wall of my new game room! Which, as of right now, has only 1 Portal poster and consists of a TV and a loveseat.

  • Oliver Arndt

    Dying Light is one of the best games ever! – Thank for that Techlamd!

  • Duncan

    I truly love the zombie franchise and Dying Light knocks it out the park for me. With it being the best zombie game out there with a strong cooperative campaign which is a whole lot of fun for myself and friends. 😀