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CryEngine Developed ‘On Your Own’ sees players fighting for survival on an Island in the Pacific

The player wakes up on a remote island deep in the Pacific Ocean, with no memory of who he is, or how he got there. He needs to find a way to survive life on the Island by setting traps, making a fire and finding a way to keep himself hydrated, with items scavenged from the beach and surrounding land. On Your Own depicts a real life survival exploration project currently being developed for the PC by Andrei Ghenoiu, Andrei has a massive passion for gaming having been awarded a bachelor’s in software engineering while at Vermont Technical College in America but his love for video games goes back even further than that “I’ve always been very passionate about gaming. Back when Basic was running on the old Commodore type machines, my Grandpa bought me a book that had a bunch of the simple games that you would have to type by hand. I enjoyed that quite a lot.”


Developed using CryEngine, On Your Own is a game with the full intention of allowing players complete free roaming abilities, with no real hand holding involved, players must survive life as they would in a real situation. Figuring out the story and finding their own way throughout the Island with the direction in the players own hands. On Your Own is not Andrei’s first venture with video games but having to juggle everyday life with development was proving tricky “For my senior project I made an Android battleship game, that I was really proud of at the time. But i wanted more, so i started looking into game engines and 3d Modeling about 3 and a half years ago. Learning was a bit slow due to having a regular 9-5 job. I had a good idea for what I want my game to end up like, so I started work.”


As players come to terms with being stranded on the Island in the Pacific they will have to investigate the surroundings further, in order to gain more knowledge of the location, and maybe figure out how the player came to be there in the first place. Exploring the island will give players the option to mark points of interest on a makeshift map (you never know what you can find in the trash on the beach). This way you can make it easier to find a water stream to collect water, or where animals would gather, for example.

On Your Own will feature a full 24-hour cycle, upon saving and leaving the game players will pick right back up from their previous current spot. But, you have to make sure the character is in a safe spot, has a high enough level of stamina and nutrition/water levels to get him through. It is recommended to have the character go to sleep so that it does not expend stamina or nutrition/water as much.

On Your Own is currently being developed for the PC but Andrei also has plans to bring On Your Own to the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the future. To keep up to date with Andrei’s progress check out On Your Own’s Facebook Page.

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